Me, Karoli and 10 Questions

karoli-flower I have known Karoli for a number of years, first through her blog and then as one of the first people that I followed after joining Twitter. She is an incredibly smart woman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly – maybe that’s one of the reasons why I like her so much.

When I first started putting together the idea for this 10 Questions interview series Karoli was one of the first people I thought of interviewing. While she doesn’t concentrate that much on the tech side of things she is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to political blogging and Twitter activity.

Needless to say I was very happy when she agreed to take part in this interview. As a side note Karoli gave me permission to edit as needed but I have not edited a single word as that is my policy when it comes to these 10 Question interviews.

So without any further ado here is Karoli and her 10 Questions interview.

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CobWEBs Daily Edition podcast: The Forbes Web Celeb 25 – picked from a panhandler’s hat

cbn1-podpost Tonight’s show with myself and Sean takes a look at the freshly minted Forbes Web Celeb 25 list. Not surprisingly neither of us made the list but we did realize that is that if you want a shot at next years list there’s a few things you will need.

Top of the list is the famous Mashable Stubble Razor with a helping hand from the patented Arrington look-a-like wig and a liberal dose of Tequila madness. Never mind about creating anything unique or useful. Just apply the above three things to your life and you could have a shot at next year’s list.

Finally Sean and I express some surprise over support for Microsoft’s Bing search engine as it comes from an unexpected person.

Posts referred to in tonight’s show.

In Pictures: The Web Celeb 25 –
Is Google’s One Trick Pony About To Be Euthanized by Microsoft – Shoemoney

Enjoy the show

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All that noise about real-time, is just that – noise

stopwatch It’s great that we get to hear about earthquakes on Twitter as they are happening.

It’s fun to watch Microsoft and Google play one-upmanship.

It’s mildly amusing to read all the prognostications about real-time changing the world as we know it.

But really, when push comes to shove is all this overblown hype over knowing generally mundane crap as it is happening really of any real value?

As Mark Evans said the other day

I get that information published on Twitter, Facebook and blogs will be instantly and readily available. I get that news reporting will be instantaneous, and I get that search will become a lot more interesting because it will deliver up-to-the-second information. That’s all very exciting but is it enough to justify the hype surrounding real-time? In other words, is that it?

Sometimes it seems there aren’t enough minutes in a day as it is let alone trying to keep up with a real-time information flow. Especially when that flow is of questionable value.

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CobWEBs Daily Edition podcast: Six degrees of Twitter and burning bridges

cbn1-podpost In tonight’s show Sean and I cover a couple of subject starting off with the silliness of Italy thinking that it’s actually going to make YouTube responsible for the content uploaded by Italian citizen.

Ya .. right. That plan is going to work out real well.

Next up was a quick look at the next serious of great ads from Verizon in its on-going battle with AT&T. It’s so goo that I’m embedding one of them here and Sean will be embedding the other on his blog.


Finally we take a look at a few famous names and how they have burned their bridges with one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Posts referred to in the show.

Italy Plans to Hold YouTube Accountable for its Users’ Uploads (Updated)ReadWriteWeb
Verizon to AT&T: We Taunt You a Second Time – All Things D
Meh: New Claims That Teens Don’t Tweet Don’t Add UpThe Inquisitr
Don Dodge: The new anti-Microsoft evangelist – BetaNews

Enjoy the show

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