OMG, Stop the blogosphere – Louis Gray has gotten a reality check

Sorry but after reading Louis’ post from yesterday about disaggregation (is that even a word?) and focus I just couldn’t resist the headline.

All humor aside Louis has always been a proponent of making sure that you get your content out there, regardless of service and preferably on all of them. This has lead to more than a few discussions in the blogosphere about the increasing amount of noise and whether or not at some point content producers might face some kind of backlash.

Causing our own pain

While I like Louis and consider him to be a pretty sharp dude I have always questioned this shotgun approach. For me it was, and is always a case of who is really benefiting from this kind of shove it everywhere thinking. Not just as a writer but also as a reader.

I can’t count the number of time I have gotten totally exasperated over see the same post headline everywhere I turn around, and if it was the headline it was the whole post that chances are I’ve already read. Then there is the frustration as a writer of being made to believe that I need to be on every service that comes along if for no other reason that to make sure my posts – in whatever form – can be found there.

You know what – enough already.

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It’s crap like this that makes us hate advertisers on the web

See this image …

Ya the one that has the nice Skip This Ad link that .. guess what .. it doesn’t work (side note – on this ad in particular I clicked the link 7 times before giving up).

I have given up on keeping track of the number of times that I have run across this type of pre-ad that for all intents and purposes might as well laugh at you when you click on the Skip This Ad link because no such thing happens.

Oh the ad goes away … at some point  … when it bloody well feels like it.

And advertisers wonder why people use things like ad blockers and get all pissed off when shit like this happens.

Here’s a hint you bunch of frikken dummies … QUIT IT.NOW. (assholes)

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Facebook doesn’t give a shit if you don’t trust them

Ah Facebook, you sure like to jerk around the tech pundits in the blogosphere don’t you. Take for example that last privacy flap where you turned everything on by default and then left it up to users to opt-out.

The thing is you knew that the large majority of your users wouldn’t, or couldn’t be bothered about the whole silly privacy thing. All they want to do is get logged in as quickly as possible to see how their FarmVille; or some other such stupid social game, was doing.

But when the digerati called you up on the carpet over the change you quickly flashed the fact that 35% of the people that had logged in had made changes. What exact changes we’re not sure .. maybe they just left everything the same and clicked on the Next button as quickly as they could because they could hear that cow calling them from FarmVille.

Wow 35% though .. that sounds pretty good eh. Yup it sure does, until you turn that into real numbers and then compare it to their stated user number of 500 million. In this case 35% works out to 175 million give or take a couple of million. That leaves 325 million users who didn’t make any changes to their new auto opt-in privacy settings.

So over half of the Facebook members couldn’t careless how; or with whom, their information is being shared. Not a bad number of people to make money off of don’t you think; and all at the cost of having to put up with a few irritated bloggers who Facebook doesn’t really need hanging around anyway as they are always gumming up the works with their big  mouths.

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