Braindead TechCast EP45: It’s Techmeme Friday and is there nothing to report on except Apple?

Yes it is that time of the week again where Sean and I take a look at the headlines on Techmeme at the time when we hit the record button. Granted we don’t do a scripted show but on Fridays it is even more off the cuff than usual.

The really sad part about tonight that out of all of the stories on the front page of Techmeme at the time of recording the majority of headlines had something or other to do with Apple. This makes for a lopsided show because just how many times can you make a smart remark about Apple in 20 minutes. Well you get to find out in tonight’s show.

Some of the headlines we take shots at.

Dell’s 7-inch and 10-inch Streak tablets leaked! – Engadget
Apple in advanced discussions to adopt AMD chips – AppleInsider
Steve Jobs Says Apple Made a Mistake in Rejecting Pulitzer Winner’s App – Media Decoder
Search with fewer keystrokes and better spelling – Official Google Blog
Tech Sector in Hiring Drive – Wall Street Journal
Apple Introduces us to a New iTunes “Concert Ticket +” System – Patently Apple
Calif. cities dominate Apple’s top 10 markets – The Social
Security Experts ‘Shocked’ by Palm’s WebOS Vulnerabilities – Tech Check

Enjoy the show

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Canadian bloggers expect to pay CBC for use of media

For those outside of our borders unfamiliar with our broadcasting companies the CBC is better known as the Canadian Broadcasting Company and is funded by the Canadian government via our tax dollars. So when I read the other day that they had signed on with iCopyright, an American licensing agency, I just shook my head in amazement.

This came out in a podcast by TVOntario’s Jesse Brown and the head spokesman for the CBC to try and find out why a publicly funded broadcaster was now expecting; with the help of iCopyright, to collect monthly fees from any Canadian business or blogger who runs excerpts of CBC media on their blog. Not only that but the broadcaster is requiring anyone who wants to noncommercially use the pubic’s media for discussions, archiving, criticism, etc to get written permission first.

So not only does the CBC exists because of our tax dollars they now what use to pay for the ability to use what is technically our media in what would obviously fall under fair use. That is if we have asked for permission to do so first even though they have no problem letting our media be available on YouTube for free.

One other interesting tidbit – iCopyright also has a bounty in place that will pay out up to $1,000,000.00 to Canadians who are willing to rat out other Canadians who are using our publicly funded media without their permission.

Maybe someone needs to remind the CBC what publicly funded means.


Fans are worth $3.60 each. That Much?

Did you realize that your following or friending someone, or some company, had a monetary value?

Well, thanks to fellow blogger Adam Singer I found out that yes indeed there is a price sticker on my forehead, at least according to some company called Virtue (with a name like that you gotta know this isn’t going to end well). It seems that after studying a combined 41 million fans from their client’s pages (there are 400 million accounts on Facebook – I’ll let you figure out the statistical value of their sample base) the people at Virtue have concluded that a fan is worth $3.60.

All this “based on impressions generated in Facebook’s news feed” eh. Wow. Incredible.

The only problem is – as Adam pointed out – this is for the most part, all bullshit. Virtue said that it arrived at this dollar figure based on a $5 CPM that they say is worth $300,000 in media value if a brand has a million followers.

A couple of points that Adam makes regarding these figures is worth mentioning

  • This company is lumping together their clients who are from multiple verticals – something that makes this number muddied even if you were going to take it seriously (you shouldn’t).
  • Impressions by themselves from the news feed – or from the web in general mean absolutely nothing to a company’s revenue (unless the company is ad supported).
  • Tagging a fan to impression value makes absolutely no sense.
  • They claim a $5 CPM without any rationale for that number.

The other big point is that these numbers are totally self-serving as Virtue’s main business is selling Social Media management solutions, but of course because it’s all about Social Media no one would have any reason to skew or glorify questionable numbers now would they.

If you ever wanted a clue though as to how Social Media is all about marketing; regardless of all the it’s about the conversation you hear pouring out of these people, it is bullshit studies like this that put a price sticker on us in order to sell products.


Braindead TechCast EP44: Drizzle is a viable defense for murder in Vancouver

There was a worrying moment when Sean and I thought we might have a repeat of Tuesday’s non-show thanks to Talkshoe but we persevered and managed to get everything behaving nicely. As result we got to talk about a few things tonight starting with how even a simple email from Steve Jobs is all of a sudden a newsworthy event that everyone and their brother has to read the tea leaves over.

The conversation then turned to Twitter once again and how the announcement of them looking at having their own URL shortening service instead of bequeathing the ‘official’ title to From there we talked a little about the whole Annotation thing that has most of the developers pretty excited.

The show ended off with us shaking our heads over the latest wishlist from the RIAA and MPAA and how there seems to be absolutely no real interest from the tech blogosphere over this or ACTA.

Posts referred to in the show

Canadian wireless carrier claims next-gen iPhone to arrive in June – AppleInsider
Steve Jobs Replies To Email: “Are You Nuts?” - MacStories
ACTA: The acronym hardly anyone knows yet should be scared to death of – The Inquisitr
RIAA & MPAA wishlist to screw the consumer – The Inquisitr

Enjoy the show

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