Braindead TechCast Ep. 73: Moronic Monday walks into traffic

Well both Sean and I hope that everyone in the US has had a great Memorial Day long weekend and are already to get back to work tomorrow but in the mean time we didn’t get the day off which of course means it’s time for Moronic Monday’s.

While the news has been lighter than usual due to the long weekend in the US we did manage to scrounge up a few stories of silliness to share with you today. So with out any further ado.

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Enjoy the show

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E-Books are nice but not that nice [Video]

I have been reading a number of posts over the last couple of days about e-books and the conflicting opinions about them. It is a subject about which I have some thoughts on but for some reason couldn’t put into words on paper. So instead I thought I would do my first video blog post on the subject.

Primarily my thoughts got that extra little shove to do this from a post by Stowe Boyd where he said the following

Removing the social affordance of loaning someone a book is perhaps the worst crime perpetuated by the new world order of digital content. The communitarian aspect of shared books in libraries is similarly damaged.

Books should be social. Our personal property should be ours to loan to friends.

Imagine if Sears mde it impossible for me to loan my chain saw, or if fingerprint recognition on my VW made it impossible for a neighbor to borrow it?

But, in the name of countering ‘piracy’, we can’t loan The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress to a friend. And our society is lessened because of that.

Experimenting with embedded Waves in posts

While Google Buzz is getting much of the press when it comes to Google’s attempts at crafting a viable social media platform people seem to have forgotten about Wave. It’s understandable because, really, what is Wave all about anyway?

To be honest I’m not sure if that is a question that anyone, other than the Wave team, can really answer but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of people experimenting with it. Chris Brogan is the one person that I know of that has been experimenting the most with it and strongly recommends it for task management and collaboration.

I know I wrote a post about the idea of using it as a replacement for Facebook but the only problem is that … well … no-one is using Wave. Even though it is obvious that it would take a hellva uptake of Wave in order to even come close to approaching Facebook that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t other uses for it.