Braindead TechCast EP 96: Moronic Monday travels the main street of your Colonoscopy

Okay, we’ve admittedly had some pretty strange shows come Moronic Monday’s but I have a feeling that tonight’s show could very well take the top spot. After all how else could Sean and I possibly explain all the very strange and moronic things we have collected over the past week just for tonight.

Even the titles of the posts referred to in the show should tell you what is in store so don’t hold us responsible.

Enjoy the show

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Death, permanence and the Web

None of us are Lazarus Long, we will all die. Just as we are born so to will we at some point, either by natural events or by malfeasance, fade away from living memory.

As much as we would all like to be remembered for all of human memory the chances of us being a Churchill, a Martin Luther King, or even a Genghis Kahn are next to nil.

But that was the illusion that the Web has given us – a sense of permanence, that even after our physical bodies have retired to the dirt our thoughts, dreams and opinions will live on.

It’s a nice dream but a dream all the same. It is a dream that two people I respect highly touched on in recent posts.

The first one is from Louis Gray where he talks about whether or not people’s social profiles should live on past their death. This conversation came about because of Facebook suggesting that Louis should think about re-connecting with one of his Facebook contacts – who had passed away in January from cancer.

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Happy Independence Day to all my American friends

I just wish the individual independence wasn’t being sapped away by Government and Big Business the way that it is.

I’m not a Johnny Cash fan but this image to me represents the strength and character of the American people I know.

Happy July 4th my friends.

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