Twitter Corral …. it must be Friday

tgif1 Wow what a freaking slow day for Twitter related non-news to bore you all with. I mean seriously even TwitTechCrunch had next to nothing to ramble on about today when it came to Twitter. Now how’s a guy suppose to put together a list when the main source is as dry as a …. uhm .. never mind.

How Twitter’s Staff Uses Twitter (And Why It Could Cause Problems) via ReadWriteWeb – the take-away from this is – Twitter employees don’t twitter all that much – Twitter employees don’t follow very many people – Twitter employees are really bad at following developers of Twitter parasites applications. So tell us something that we don’t know … and really no it doesn’t matter in the least.

I’m like Moses, but for Twitter via Paul Carr :: The Guardian Online – Paul let’s rip on all the twits playing Spymaster and comes up with 10 Commandments For Twitter.

The Battle For The Cutest TwtPet On Twitter Is On via Kris Abel – Oh please shoot me now … please.  Aren’t we punished enough with LOLcats now we get cute animals via Twitter. <GAG>

Has Twitter Killed Blogging? Scoble Hasn’t Posted In 5 Days!!! via SiliconValleyWatcher – Tom is blaming the almost death of that blogging industry known as Scobleizer on Twitter.