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Braindead TechCast EP 132: Smokin’ the double rainbow

You know it’s going to be an interesting show when the first thing Sean and I do is break into a Cheech and Chong routine; but it doesn’t get any better than talking about the trademarking of the word ‘Face’ and the interesting implications if that happens.

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Braindead TechCast EP65: No green dot

With much of the news today being about Google and their I/O conference Sean and I take a look at a few of the announcements even the ones rumored to announced tomorrow.

We take a few minutes to look into the tea leaves when it comes to a possible Yahoo and AOL deal.

We then spend a little bit of time talking about mSpot and how once it was consider to be a curse on the web to have paid plugins (apps) for browsers but now it is the coolest thing going. Amazing how attitudes can change over the years and companies involved.

Post referred to in the show.

Proof That Google TV Will Make Its Debut Tomorrow – TechCrunch
Did Yahoo! Just Pave Its Way To Finally Buying AOL? – The Next Web
An open marketplace for web apps – Google Chrome Store
Cloud-Based iTunes, Thy Name Is mSpot – TechnoBuffalo
Google Wave Available for Everyone – Google Wave Blog

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Gee maybe Jerry Yang had it right in the beginning


I find it interesting that at a point where everything seems to have to do with algorithms being the solution two things are knocking the stuffing out of that idea. First is the larger idea of real-time search through the use of Twitter data being accumulated every second of the day and being parsed by the search engine giants.

Then we have news yesterday that Techmeme has expanded its lineup of human editors with the addition of three more people to bring the total up to six (seven if you count @atul). As Alan Patrick at Broadstuff pointed out

Signals two things:
(i) Pure algorithm aggregation is not efficient enough, it needs an edi…. sorry, “curator” is the New Word.
(ii) This impacts the economic scalability of the electronic aggregation newspaper story (we assume this is to give them 24x7x365 curation coverage rather than just increased story covearge per se).

To which Tom Foremski added:

This is significant because Techmeme shows that human aided algorithms are more effective than just software and server. Techmeme is a microcosm of the rest of the search-enabled world of services, from news aggregators to basic search.

If Techmeme can’t be Techmeme just by using its algorithms, and now needs lots of editors, then that means much larger news aggregators and search companies will likely have to add human editors too.

It would seem that Jerry had it right all those years ago when he was hand creating Yahoo’s famous links.

The Cynical Bastards Podcast – Episode 16

dickwad_award With another full week of things to talk about myself, Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins and Sean P. Aune got together for episode 16 of CobWebs the podcast from your favorite Cynical Bastards. This week’s show has us talking about:

  • The whole Microsoft – Yahoo thing … as if we could let that go by.
  • BlogHer and the swaggate that developed around it
  • Google Voice and Apple getting in each others face
  • the whole rumor mill around the CrunchPad and a possible Apple tablet
  • Of course there is the Dickwad of the Week Award announcement

Ya we had fun and you just might to when clicking on that big green button to give the podcast a listen.