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Live Wave 3 Icons – Nice

I have always been an icon fanatic. It probably comes from my days as a developer and always looking for different and interesting icons to use in my software. Not to mention always wanting to improve on the dead looking ones that traditionally came with any windows Install. At least with Vista they did try to do something to improve on them.

Now with the move to the Windows Live Services there seems to be an interest in creating some great new icons to go with the new direction that Microsoft is taking. So with much thanks to Long Zheng; who seems to have this uncanny ability to find all the cool stuff we have a sample of some of the new icons that might be shipped with the next wave (release) of Windows Live Services

Much thanks to Long for these.

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Windows 7 to play nice with all decoders

One of the biggest complaint that Windows users have had when it comes to dealing with video media files is the insane requirement to download all the other codeces that one needs to watch non-Windows formats. In many cases this lead people to download the first codec package that they could find with a Google search. The problem with this approach is that many of these packages came with extra baggage in the way of trojans or viruses. There were some safe and reliable codec packages out there but they were hard to find if you didn’t know exactly what you were looking for.

Well according to Long Zhend over at his blog this will drastically change for the better with the release of Windows 7. Not only will they be expanding the range of codecs used for decoding video files that will be doing the same to encoders as well.

On the decoder front we will see baked in support for DivX, Xvid, H.264 and AAC which you can see from the graphic that Long managed to snag at WinHEC

On the flip side we have the encoder support coming to Windows 7 as you can see from the graphics

Now the only wish that I have remaining for the media player that will be using these codec is  that it gets put on a massive diet because it has become one of the most bloated Windows application around.

APC has a report on this as well that is worth having a quick read theough if you are interested in this new addition coming to Windows 7.

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Off the Cuff: Sponsor posts, MIA Extras & Stuff

AT&T newest customer relation plan Ya ya .. I know I’m running a little late but that can happen when you get a good round of slash and burn going in a game and speaking of slashing and burning have you caught the newest flash from AT&T. They’re getting into bed with MPAA and RIAA because they feel that now they are delivering pay television services that their mutual interests are more aligned. So they plan on instituting full scale content filtering to track down all those slime buckets stealing content so that the RIAA and MPAA fake cops can come bust down the door. Way to go to build good customer relations AT&T – way to go. [via Michael Geist]

laptop_mountain Introspection is nothing new and while even bloggers go through it we have the luxury of putting it all out there for you to read. In that vein Louis Gray has an excellent post on why he does this blogging thing day in and day out. He covers all the bases from why he doesn’t – to the atypical monetization question – and to what drives his enthusiasm to blog. It’s well worth the time spent reading because I think it is probably the same types of reasons the rest of us have. [via]

Windows Vista Orb As a Vista Ultimate sucker … err …. owner this question about where the hell are the supposed Extras that were the enticement to fork over all those extra dollars sparked a chord. It seems to have sparked quite a conversation in the comments of one blog. One can only hope that maybe the noise will get loud enough that they’ll actually hear us over the piles of cash in the Redmond Monolith. Not likely – but one can always hope. [via Ed Bott]

respecting your readers You can always trust Scott Karp to have an interesting point of view when it comes to blogging and generally sparking an interesting debate in the process. Yesterday was no different with his post about Sponsored Posts being a Legitimate Ad Unit. I am sure that the post will get the panties of the blogging purity patrol all in a bunch but Scott does give some good valid points as to why such an idea could work and still not piss off your readers. [via Publishing 2.0]