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From the Pipeline – 8.6.08

It may seem like I’ve been pretty quiet today when in fact I’ve been fairly busy with the other part of WinExtra. While most might only know of me or the site because of the blog the fact is that there has been an active community in the WinExtra forums for going on almost ten years now. Lately though I’ve become really irritated with the software that has been running the forums and today I started working on the next generation of the forums with a new software package called Vanilla 1 (which is very nice BTW – I’ll be doing a write up of it later). Hopefully everything will be in place late tonight and I’ll be able to take the wrapper of the revamp WinExtra Community Forums. In the meantime here’s a few things that I did manage to find during my occasional breaks on today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

 This Home Doesn’t Call 911 [nw] :: My [confined] Space – the scary part about this is that there actually could be people like this.

Gold Porsche [nw] :: My [confined] Spaces – I guess if you can afford this you wouldn’t be too worried about its gas mileage

Researcher discovers targeted iPhone app “kill switch” [nw] :: Apple Insider – first it’s people being offered a $999.99 iPhone app that does absolutely nothing other than look pretty and now this – I can just image the uproar if other companies allowed this kind of stuff.

Why a Wii could be good for your health [nw] :: Guardian – well I guess this is more productive than them all playing Rock Band