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From the Pipeline – 7.19.08

Between doing my best to reply to all the comments that my post over on Mashable raised yesterday and trying to figure out this whole screencasting things from creating to posting my day has kinda been on the full side which meant not much got posted. However I did managed to find a few things on today’s FriendFeed pipeline to share with you. so here we go for this evening…

Video Blogging: Where’s the Disclosure (video) [nw] :: CenterNetworks – for bloggers disclosure is a pretty big deal as it helps keep us honest and our readers trusting us – but how is this translated when doing video blogging?

The Role of Aesthetics in the Emergence of Web 3.0 [nw] :: n+fold – an interesting discussion about how aesthetics might actually play a really important role (finally) in the next generation of the web.

7 (More) Amazing Adaptive Reuse Architecture Projects [nw] :: Web Urbanist – it is amazing what people will use to build stuff out of – just amazing

Why I Paid Apple To Take Back My iPhone 3G (AAPL) [nw] :: Silicon Valley Insider – *GASP* you mean some people weren’t happy with their gift from the Gods of Apple .. for shame …

5 Things We Forget About The Web [nw] :: How To Split An Atom – a nice list of the things that aren’t really dead even though we like to think they are every couple of months.

From the Pipeline – 7.9.08

Sometimes there are things about the web and our society that make me sick and such was the case today when two very good bloggers got together to have a video discussion over race and blogging. The actual discussion was great but some of the commenters show how little we have progressed as a society. Anyway here are few things that caught my eye in today’s FriendFeed pipeline that you might find interesting.

10 Amazing Light Graffiti Artists and Photographers [nw] :: Web Urbanist – some very cool things done with light – really cool.

Facebook, not what you think. [nw] :: YouTube – just what can Facebook tell about you to whoever they want to sell the information to  – and there is nothing you can do about it.

Value in the online world [nw] :: Information Wants To Be Free – Meredith does an excellent job of questioning why we assume that things online have no value or that the originating content creators shouldn’t have any expectation of being paid for their work.

A New-Fangled Desk…From A Dresser [nw] :: Instructables – something for you do it yourself’ers out there.

Seeing The Web’s Racist Underbelly Is Saddening and Shocking [nw] :: Louis Gray – as someone who had a boss tell me to my face that the Nazi’s should have finished the job I know all to well about racism having grown up with all my life. The sad part about this – I’m not surprised in the least.

From the Pipeline – 7.6.08

For those of you – the far and few between – who look forward to the pipeline posts the missing one from yesterday was due to the fact that I was stuck in a time warp. My hosting company had decided to migrate to a new server and as a result left me the whole day looking like the last post was way back in June. Thankfully they got the whole process finished up today and I can get back to the normal stuff. So from today’s FriendFeed pipeline here’s a few things that caught my attention that you might find of interest.

20 Abandoned Cities from Around the World: Deserted Towns and Other Derelict Places [nw] :: Web Urbanist – some really cool photographs of cities that have been abandoned which is something that many of us don’t think about but these photos bring to life.

The “Participation Premium” [nw] :: Scobleizer – an interesting post from Robert where he looks at what really makes one popular on social networks.

Robot Policy? [nw] :: Breath In, Breath Out – Tom suggests that even though robots might be far off in the future we might be wise to start formulating serious policies about them now.

Homemade Flame Thrower [nw] :: Linnwood – just too damn cool to pass up

Thomas Hawk Interview [nw] :: Photograview – Thomas has to be of the best known name on the tech blogosphere for his photographs and in interest in the technology in general.