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Google+ and the aggregation quandary

So it’s been a few days and Google+ (also referred to as G+) is still a hot topic in the tech blogosphere, from those already using the service and those wishing that they had gotten an invite. We’ve already started to see the gamification of G+ as leaderboards of who has the most followers have started to show up; and of course we have had to deal with the Scoble Effect.

One of the other points that has reared its ugly head is the question of how people can start aggregating their content from other services into Google+. It happens on Twitter, Facebook, and just about any network that has an API and lets you auto-post to it. Hit the publish button and within seconds your content can appear on multiple networks with no more thought than blowing your nose; well actually that might take more thought.

At this point Google+ doesn’t have an API for us to access whether it be through things like WordPress plugins or third party clients and as a result G+ isn’t suffering from the same type of non-stop flood of headlines or posts that have already shown up on countless networks. As a result a pretty incredible thing is happening – people are having conversations.

Are you a blogger that doesn’t use StumbleUpon? Very Big Mistake!

I don’t very often talk about numbers when it comes to my sites, mainly because like the majority of bloggers they aren’t anything to write home about. Also like the majority of bloggers out there I make as much use of social media type buttons to help spread the word about my posts; and again, like most of you, they help a little bit.

However, in light of recent events this past week I have come to one firm conclusion. Any blogger that doesn’t include StumbleUpon as an integral part of their social media outreach they are making a huge mistake.

How big of a mistake?

Well take the following graphic of my basic stats for the month of June to date. That huge hockey stick you see there in the graph .. that’s a StumbleUpon run on one of my posts.

June stats to date

June stats to date for WinExtra - click for larger image

But here’s the pretty incredible part – the post that sparked this run is over a year old, and it isn’t the only post on WinExtra that has had the same loving from StumbleUpon.

None of the other social media related mediums like Twitter or even Facebook come close to producing the kind of traffic that StumbleUpon has. Sure Twitter and Facebook might, and I say might, bring you a surge of traffic during the first couple of hours of your post hitting the web; but the beautiful thing about StumbleUpon is that it really seems to love the long tail.

Not only does StumbleUpon love the long tail but you can have it keep coming back again and again with whole new runs. I have had this happen with a couple of other post where I will get a good solid run and then a couple of months later it will happen all over again.

Of course, as with all the other social media outlets, you have to be careful and not flood StumbleUpon with pointless content, and it is always better if someone else “stumbles” your posts but as long as you are judicious and also spend time stumbling other really good posts from other site StumbleUpon will reward you.

Personally if I had to pick just one of the social media call to action buttons I would have to go with StumbleUpon because as you can see when the StumbleUpon loving starts it can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Oh and this newest run .. while it has slowed down somewhat today it is still going, now on its fifth day.

It’s been awhile…

It’s been awhile since I either wrote about anything to do with social media (per se) or even posted anything here.

Well the first part was taken care of yesterday and while it isn’t posted in full here you still might find it some interesting reading. Here is the opening couple of paragraphs of The modern Great Gatsby Syndrome and the coming Social Perfect Storm:

It’s been interesting watching the world of change that is happening in places like Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and other countries in that region and how social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are being used.

It has also been interesting to watch the discussion among the digerati of how services like Twitter and Facebook have influenced our changing society; and regardless to which side of the importance scale you might fall there is something much more subtle happening and it’s not restricted to places like Egypt.

Yes, these social media services are important and in a lot of ways extremely subversive; which is why governments around the world are worried, but they are just the tools being used by a fast growing part of our society that wants change.

We aren’t just talking about countries being imprisoned by dictators either as these self same tools are being used by regular people as a way to have a say in the political processes of democratic countries; and often with growing success.

It is easy for us, here in our comfortable homes and with our fun toys, to slough off Facebook as nothing more than a destination point for wannabe farmers and Twitter being the cyber warehouse of pointless 140 characters being spewed forth endlessly. However, the youth of places like Egypt and Tunisia have shown us that these tools can also be used to reach the disenfranchised and ignored to give them a platform from which they can lay the groundwork for change.

You can read the whole posted over at The Inquisitr.


Time to pull the fangs from blood-sucking social media guru wannabes

I am late getting to this but a week or so ago my good friend Jason from webomatica sent me a link to this post at The Telegraph by Milo Yiannapoulos.

For any one who has honest doubts about the whole social media prank being pulled on us all this post is a must read. After all how can you not want to just grab a coffee and settle back to read a great post when you read words like blood-sucking, the poisonous cult of the social media guru, or hoodwinked.

You know from the opening paragraphs that this is not going to end well but damn it’s a good read, not to mention a sanity check.

On the outskirts of a regional city in Britain – Bristol, perhaps – two hundred people gather to discuss “radical engagement strategies”. They are oddballs: a mixture of chippy girls with unruly fringes and sweaty, overweight blokes with bits of burger stuck in their beards. They fire cheap jibes at the Microsoft event they’re sharing a building with, and from which they’ve nicked a few chairs – a fact they crow about on Twitter as if it were some sort of victory over the “evil” corporation.

These are the social media gurus, a rag-tag crew of blood-sucking hucksters who are infesting companies of all sizes, on both sides of the Atlantic, blagging their way into consultancy roles and siphoning off valuable recession-era marketing spend to feed their comic book addictions. They claim to be able to improve your relationships with your customers by “executing 360 degree reignition programs”. But who are these people? Where did they come from? And how on earth have they managed to hoodwink so many big companies so quickly and so comprehensively?

Take the time and read the whole post – it’s worth it.