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Twitter Corral … taking you into space

TwitterWedding It’s been a busy day in the Twittersphere even with its planned period of Fail Whale, which is okay because I heard it was planned to coincide with sushi time in LaLa Land. That didn’t stop TwitterTechCrunch as once more they top the list today with the most posts about Twitter in one day.

Twitter enterprises take off but can they turn a profit? via VentureBeat – Twitter silliness isn’t just limited to regular users and bipolar A-Listers. Nope, now we have companies looking to make some greenbacks from the Corporate world with equally stupid ideas based around Twitter.

Has Twitter replaced sex? via Robert X. Cringely – in the interest of his readers Cringely undertakes to find out is people really get a bigger woodie from Twitter than they do from the real thing – Thanks Robert I really appreciate the dedication.

Twitter’s Traffic Growth Drops: Is Twitter Just A Fad? via ToMuse – Oh No!! fire up the Bat signal folks. Calling all the Twitter pontificators you immediate attention is needed. The unthinkable is happening – people aren’t signing up to Twitter like they were. The world is coming to an end <sigh>.

There’s A Queen On Twitter, And She Ain’t Latifah via TechCrunch – okay you bunch of mindless rubes tuck in that shirt and be on your best behavior the Queen of Twitterland  errr Jordan is now onboard.

Top Ten Twitterers to Follow for Cars and Transportation via Treehugger – Zoom Zoom it’s Twitter mania with a V-8 under the hood.

Tweets From Space: NASA Turns To Twitter And YouTube To Reconnect With The Public via TechCrunch – To go where no Twitterer has gone before. I wonder if the Klingon’s are on Twitter?

Twitterrific Comes Roaring Back Into The iPhone Twitter App Wars via TechCrunch – *YAWN* Twitterific turns 2.0. Are you excited yet? Thought so …

Twitter Is Down: 15 Alternative Things To Do via TechCrunch – yes folks the 4th post in one day from TechCrunch about Twitter. I think they need an intervention. They better hope that Twitter doesn’t go down for an extended time – they would have nothing to write about.

An Excellent Facebook & Twitter Desktop Client (Windows Users Only) via Go2Web20 – developing Twitter clients must be the new programming “Hello World” exercise.

Twitter Corral … take that Google

twitter A lot of noise is being made about the value of Twitter searches being able to provide the real-time information that has everyone acting like they’re having an orgasm. This is something that Google doesn’t have and Microsoft would love to have in their back pocket. Yup real-time search is going to be the new hot buzzword.

Twitter Search to dive deeper, rank results via Webware – we get a little bit of a clue as to what Twitter’s real-time search would include, and it has nothing to do with what you had for lunch or if you’re tweeting from the washroom.

Hey @Google – @Twitter To Start Indexing Links For Search via TechCrunch – not to miss a chance to have a day go by where they don’t talk about Twitter MG Siegler has some deep thoughts about the news.

3 Reasons Why Twitter Will NOT Index the Links You Share (Updated) via Read Write Web – Marshall has some suggestions as to why Twitter won’t be doing any link indexing .. hint .. it has to to with

Now what would a round up be without a good rant especially against Twitter and thankfully Douglas Karr doesn’t let us down. Thanks Doug.

Twitter Corral …some humor among silliness

twitter2 The silliness over the rumor about Apple buying Twitter has gone the way of a bad smelling fart and we get back to the usual Twitter news about nothing. So without further ado here’s today’s Twitter related nonsense.

Ten Things Twitter is Not via – it’s nice to be able to start the roundup with a post that actually has some sensible things  to say about Twitter.

You Can’t Predict What Will Drive Music Business Models… So Be Open To Everything via Techdirt – keeping in line with sensible news about Twitter Mike at Techdirt lets us know about some music labels that are seriously using Twitter for promoting bands and their music.

Twitter as an RSS Reader via Go2Web20 – yet another person thinking that Twitter is a perfect replacement for a RSS feed reader. Does anyone spend their time doing anything but watching Twitter for the cool things to write about?

Making a TV appearance today, Twitter co-founder tries to dispel buyout rumors via Computerworld – So Biz was out making the the rounds today pimping Twitter as being not for sale. Ya .. okay .. I’m sure if he got handed a check for anything north of $750 million that tune would change pretty quick.

Twitter Launches Enhanced New Follower E-mails via Louis Gray – Jesse Stay writing on the Louis Gray blog let’s us know that Twitter has finally delivered a more comprehensive email notification of who is following you. Wheeeeee … it only took three years.

URL Shortening Wars: Twitter Ditches TinyURL For via TechCrunch – little did you know that there is a big war going on in the Web 2.0 landscape and it’s all over those shortened URL’s. Blame it on Twitter I guess

At the end of it all we can thank Harry McCracken for bringing some humor to the whole Apple – Twitter nonsense.

Twitter Corral … a deluge of rumor crap

failwhale_stickers_small Quick before I drown in all this Apple buying Twitter rumor crap someone please throw me a lifeline. No kidding folks this is turning into a bullshit tsunami started by the reigning king of rumors Valleywag and perpetuated by just about every other tech blog worth their salt. Of course right at the top of the ‘let’s milk this for all it’s worth’ list was TwitterTechCrunch with a total of three posts on this stupid ass rumor. Thankfully not everyone lost their heads in all this stupidity and actually saw it for the linkbait it was.

At least not everyone was Twitterwashed by all this nonsense and actually had some useful stuff for Twitter today, that is if there is anything Twitter related that is useful.

Ottawa courtroom joins Twitter age for mayor’s trial via Ottawa Citizen and Kris Abel – I bet the fourth estate is just fuming over being trumped by that growing pain in the ass to mainstream media blue bird from hell.

More Canada, Please via Twitter blog – the Twitter team posts to their blog about how lucky us Canucks are being able to <gag>tweet</gag> on Rogers and Fido using SMS. Only problem is that there is more than just those cellphone providers in the land of igloos. Thumb meet ass … ass meet thumb.

Good To The Last Tweet: Coffee Machine Drips Updates To Twitter via TechCrunch – when not gagging us with arsine rumors TwitterTechCrunch lets us know Skynet has taken over our coffeemakers and the machines now tweet your caffeine intake.

Twishitter: Twitter Apps Head Towards The Gutter via TechCrunch – not happy with all this Twitter punishment TwitterTechCrunch let’s know about TwiShitter and I’ll leave it up to your active imaginations as to what this one is about.

Tweetmeme Is Getting Freakin’ Awesome via TechCrunch – see what I mean …  TwitterTechCrunch. Sorry Tweetmeme but after the third story about Twitter on TwitterTechCrunch this is just getting old.

Celery lets you tweet from a fax machine via SlipperyBrick – shitters, coffee machines and spammers … are there any real people even using Twitter anymore?

However if you’re getting bored with Twitter Chris Pirillo has word on how you can get your own Twitter clone up and running (shoot me know – please)