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Braindead TechCast EP 109: Bored with Flipboard but is it legal?

I’m not sure what happened to Sean at one point during the show but he managed to fight his way out of the fog and return just in time for a fun conversation about movies. Don’t worry they are tech related.

Posts referred to in the show.

Enjoy the show.

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From the FriendFeed Pipeline – 3.4.08

Ah … nothing like a nice hot cup of Tim Horton’s French Vanilla coffee (x-large no less), a smoke and another bunch of stuff from the pipeline. So without further useless rambling from the crank behind the keyboard here’s today’s goodies:

The desktop is dead. :: Sean Bonner – and yet another the sky is falling and is gonna smash the desktop world to bits. YAWN – wake me up when it actually happens. In the meantime I’ll still be able to get work down when internet connections crap out for some reason or another. Eliminates 40 Jobs; Reevaluates Strategy :: Mashable – anyone else get the feeling that is being run by a bunch of schizos. Wonder how long before with even all the money they have TechCrunch puts them in the deadpool.

London cops declare war on photography :: Boing Boing / Metropolitan Police – Okay – let’s get this straight. The Brit police are suggesting that you report anyone with a camera and looks suspicious to the police. WTF! Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him for christ sakes.

Bill Gates on Google Apps – He’s Right and Wrong at the Same Time :: Charles Hudson – an ex-Googler taking some statements made by Bill Gates to task. Granted Bill is well known for making some rather silly assumptions but shit when you’re as rich as he is who cares.

Monetize Your Search Box with PredictAd :: TechCrunch – as new ways are always trying to be found for ways to monetize blogs this new one has its eyes set on your search box – that is if you are one of the high roller blogs – the rest of us will have to settle for getting screwed by Google AdSense a little longer.

Workplace Experiments :: 37signals – some rather interesting ideas on making the tech workplace a little more enjoyable and rewarding in ways beyond that fat paycheck.

Another take on Vista vs. XP benchmarks :: Ed Bott – Ed takes a look at why two different people working for the same company would have totally different benchmarks in the Vista vs XP battle.

Tron to Triumphantly Return to Theaters in 2011 (And in 3D) :: Kotaku – now admittedly there isn’t a geek or sci-fi fan who didn’t see Tron when it was first released and who also would love to see a remake given the CGI advances over the resulting years. But who ever the idiot was that okayed the idea of it being in 3D – take their coke spoon away from them right now and give their head a slap.