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Bell Canada – how much further should I bend over?

Getting my cranky on. Much has been made of the move by the CBC Television Network in Canada to slap one of their shows up on a BitTorrent feed. Everyone from Doc Searls to Boing Boing to Techdirt have been singing the praises of this move. The problem is that the other great Canadian institution of greed Bell Canada has come out an openly admitted that it has told all the ISP’s and its own customers that it is engaging in traffic shaping and don’t bother complaining because they don’t care.

Michael Geist I believe was the first to break the news that Bell was doing this. For some though this was something that had been a topic of conversation long before Michael broke the news. I remember several Twitter DM’s with a fellow Canadian where we discussed how our Bell service seemed to be acting rather strange when doing certain things.

The whole point is that it doesn’t matter how innovative someone; or some corporation, wants to be when the gatekeepers to the Internet decide unilaterally that it is up to them what goes through those gates. When this happens you can kiss innovation good-bye.

Bell Canada has decided that it is once more God and that screw you if you don’t like it. The fact is Canada doesn’t have net neutrality and we don’t have a government that give’s a hot damn about its citizens. It would rather get into bed with Big Media interests from the US and line their pockets in the process.

So a word of warning to our US friends down there below the 49th parallel – this is what happens when you don’t have true net neutrality. You get fucked over and innovation will in the end find another home.

The Decline & Fall of the West’s Internet Age

You've been disconnected from the Internet Age We’ve been riding a pretty nice wave for the past few years but events around us are quickly changing that wave into a tsunami that is going to come crashing down on us. We’ve been made to believe that North America has some of the brightest people and the best access to the Internet. It was this combination of factors that has led to the whole Web 2.0 bubble that is growing bigger every day.

The truth of the matter is that our bright people are either being shipped to countries with lower costs or are being replaced by people who work for comparative pennies on the dollar. As for that so-called broadband access that we supposedly lead the world in … well that is a joke because the truth is that North America is trailing the rest of the world when it comes to true broadband speeds being available to all of its citizens.

At one time the US and to a lesser degree Canada did indeed lead the world when it came to technology but that time is coming to an end and a lot quicker than we are being told. Very little real technological research and development in either software or hardware takes place in North America anymore. Instead these so-called American corporations increasingly ship R&D overseas to workforces of cheap outsourced replacements. While these corporations are reporting increasing billion dollar profit margins and shareholders keep living fat off of the hog, the people who made those companies are finding themselves on the wrong side of the growing technological divide.

This divide is also being driven by telcos and cable companies that have increasingly come to look upon the Internet as their own personal feeding trough rather than the very lifeblood that is holding this world together more and more everyday. While countries around the world pull ahead of us in the area of broadband access we are living in a stagnating world of sub-par access that is jokingly called broadband. This doesn’t even that into account the large areas of the country where something like broadband is still nothing more than wishful thinking.

At a time when we should be piling investments into education, doing whatever we can to bring back technological innovation to our shores or even making sure that we have true broadband access everywhere regardless of whether it is a rural farm in Iowa to total WiFi access in every major metropolitan area all we end up with is an increasing technological divide.

As we have major providers talking about implementing hard traffic caps or getting government protection to spy on everything we do when we are online we are finding ourselves being regulated to the technological sidelines as countries like China move to surpass us with better speeds and more users. We are becoming the technological stepchild to the rest of the world and all with the blessings of our governments.

The open source crowd and Web 2.0 bunch can carry on all they like on how they are changing the world but it all amounts to nothing more than bullshit as long as we are held captive by corporations that control the very pipes we use to deal with the rest of the world. The fact is that until we all have fair and equitable broadband access to the Internet; regardless of where we live, we will continue down this decline we are on.

As a Canadian Rogers action is no surprise

Rogers rewrites webpages From what is being said around the blogosphere you would think that this newest escapade by Rogers to inject their own code into that datastream you are receiving is something new and underhanded. Well this current method Rogers is using to mess with your internet traffic and usage might be new but the fact that they or any other Canadian ISP has been playing games with that Internet access we pay outrageous monthly amounts for isn’t new.

Bell; or as its ISP arm is known as – Sympatico, has been capping and shaping the traffic going through its pipes since the early days of dial-up. Whether they called it Customer Fairness Usage back in the early days when you could find yourself without access for using your access too much during the peak times to now where all email traffic has to go through their SMTP servers to questionable speed claims with their DSL speeds.

Even though in the big cities there might be a modicum of (cough) competition (cough) once you reach the outlying small towns you are typical down to two choices either Bell’s DSL service or whatever the cable company wants to rape you for. As it stand here in Canada right now they might not call it price fixing – because we all know that is against the law – but it might as well be as both the telco’s; large and small, and the cable companies consider Internet access as their private money printing machine.

On top of this while the U.S. debates the finer point of what net neutrality is here in Canada all the ISP’s do as they damn well please because when push comes to shove we as consumers have no real choices that provide us with fair and equitable services for a price that doesn’t cut very deep gouges into anyone’s monthly budget.

So while many of the American bloggers might be getting up in arms over Rogers recent action of rewriting the web pages in your browser to tell you that your are using too much of the services they are providing and to behave or you will get capped my only questions is why this hasn’t happened sooner. It’s not like we have a government that will stand up for the consumer or any single company that believes that the money they are being paid for highspeed unlimited access means just that.

As Mike Masnick at Techdirt says:

Most importantly, though, it shows how some ISPs feel about its position in the value stream. They feel that they are more important than the content and services you are using. This is what leads to all those network neutrality debates, where the ISPs forget that they’re providing just a pipe and think that they are the most important part of the process and have the right to change how everything else works.

The things is that while it is the Americans that seem most worried about this intrusion by the ISP just about every Canadian knows that chances are nothing at all is going to be done to protect the consumer from this type of thing continuing just as nothing will be done about the rampant traffic shaping that is going on.

After all with you consider that Rogers is one of the most powerful cable and telecommunication companies in Canada next to Bell and that Ted Rogers is equally Canadians getting screwed again powerful within the Canadian political scene. As for Bell, well it just hires lobbyists and makes huge donations to whichever political party that will control the country for the next four years.

If there is any way that the cable companies and telecommunication companies can screw the Canadian consumer they will, because no-one in power gives a shit past the last election. Besides where are we going to go – the competition?

Well that might be possible if there really was any such thing in this country.