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It’s always the little things that can do you in

Well it looks like WinExtra (aka Steven Hodson, aka codenut :) ) is on some-one’s blogging radar judging from the traffic out of Robert Scoble’s post about my observation last night. In his response he raises an interesting point about what catches the eye of the A-List; and down, bloggers which was further added to in his post’s comments.

For Robert it appears that the visibility of the blogger’s name is important

One thing that’s hurting WinExtra’s ability to get people to link to it? I can’t find a name on the site for the author. I generally don’t like linking to blogs that I don’t know who authors them.

Then there is commenter Munir for whom the date is important

I also won’t link to a post that’s not dated. If I can’t find it within five seconds I’ll exclude the post no matter how valubale I think the information is.

I’ll even link to posts several days old because of the information value. But I must have the date, even if I don’t use it in my post. I need to know if I’m about to link to soemthing posted six months ago.

Well the date thing I have covered but the issue of the author’s name is one that unfortunately I thought was visible; or at least my long time nick codenut, but it appears that when I changed the theme for over Christmas the theme author neglected to include the author field as part of the theme.

That does raise a question as well – if you are a blogger who places a value on the validity of posts that have the authors name displayed do you give more value to a “real name” or is a nickname of equal value?

And on the whole what do the A-List bloggers look for for “authority” in new and growing blogs that want to move up the ranks? Sure there are those great <cough> top 10 lists that will tell you all the tricks to try but when it comes down to it, it is always the little things that can make a difference.

Technorati not the only ceiling to break

For bloggers the pot at the end of the rainbow is placing in the A-List of Technorati listing; or at least the high B’s, because with that comes fame and fortune. For some this is quite a literal thing and for others – well… it’s some major bragging rights. I have come to the conclusion though that this Technorati ceiling is not the only one that the Z-Listers need to break through.

After all there is Techmeme and to a slightly lesser degree; but growing, Tailrank. Both of these sites display the hot topics happening in the b’sphere on an almost real time basis and who is linking (discussing) to those topics. You get listed anywhere on the front page of either and your pageviews go up; which incidentally can lead to further downlinking which can affect your Technorati listing.

Now I semi understand how Technorati works but I really do not have a clue on how Techmeme and Tailrank figure out what goes on the main page or when other than I assume that like Technorati it is based on linking between blogs and/or news sites. Even if this is close to how it is done you can tell it is definitely those blogs with authority; as Technorati phrases it, that get any placement on Techmeme or Tailrank.

A case in point is the big story over Christmas of Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales announcing the impending project called Wikiasari that I first saw talked about in Mashable! within a very short period of time and a follow-up post from Nicolas Carr. It took me about half an hour to post my thoughts on the whole thing with proper trackbacks to Mashable! and Rough Type (but I guess Nicolas didn’t like me calling him “the Web 2.0 curmudgeon” because the trackback didn’t appear to get posted).

But if you look on Techmeme nowhere do you see any linkage to WinExtra. Like I said I don’t know how they work thing but given the fact I had posted and linked; even got a comment for Jimbo, within a very short period of time of the original posting you would think WinExtra would get placed somewhere – wouldn’t you?

The way I see it unless a blogger can break the ceiling of the Big ‘T’ Trinity of blogdom their chances of being taken seriously is next to nil. The best you can do it to keep slogging away, write about what means something to you and if you get a chance to link back to one of the top 10 of the A-List grab the chance. You never know when one of those trackbacks or links will break that ceiling for you.




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