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Kuler, a great little color schemer

kuler-site As I have been working on the rebranding of WinExtra one of the things that needed to be dealt with was the design of the new homestead. I’ll be talking a little bit more about the whole theme design idea in another post but when it came to selecting a theme I decided to go the pay route and bought the Thesis (aff) theme.

As smart as a decision as that might have been I was left with having to now personalize the default design that comes with Thesis to one that was more of my liking. The only problem with this is that even though I was at one time going to school for art my color sense has deteriorated over the years. So I figured the smart thing to do would be to hunt up a good color scheme site on the web.

File Archiver: 7-Zip – Compact your crap!

When I bought my first “IBM”-compatible computer, it came with a 500MB hard disk.  Applications back then didn’t hog as much space as they do now, but storage still became an issue, hence the advent of the Archival Utility. Taking that 700k MIDI file down to 500k was significant savings, plus the ability to “bundle” several files together was handy.

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It’s Great! What’s it do?? Group Policy Editor Unmasked

Ever since Windows 95, Microsoft has included in its operating systems (in most versions) the Group Policy Editor, aka GPE. Originally meant for System admins to keep the (L)users from digging into settings that could compromise their machine or the network, and to make sure that workstations all had the same important settings, it was realized that the home user could make use of it as well, provided some care was taken.

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