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The Objectification of people

So, how does it feel to be nothing more than an object because in Facebook’s eyes that is all you are. You have been reduced down to nothing more than a social object that can be sliced and diced making it easier to stick in some mathematical formula.

It is understandable why there is the need by companies like Facebook to dehumanize the person who joins and uses their service because things like emotions and personality can’t be stuffed into equations. So every effort is made to remove those emotions and personalities thereby creating this social object which can then be quantified. By reducing the individual down to a set of numbers services like Facebook can then work their mathematical magic benefiting themselves with cleaner data that can be sold or manipulated.

To understand why this process is important we first have to know what a social object is and really there is no better description that the one from Hugh Macleod, who pretty well invented the term as far as I know.