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So what exactly is the problem here?

silverlight Don’tcha ya just love stupid ass error messages that make no sense at all. It’s bad enough that something a simple and straight forward as installing something on a computer even generates an error (be quiet you Mactards :) ) but when the error isn’t really an error – or is it? – that’s just dumb-assed.

Case in point – I was working on my post over at the Inquisitr about Microsoft’s new open source blogging platform offering and I wanted to check out the video on the Channel9 site with the dev team. Well I loaded up the page only to see the Install Silverlight 2 note which was okay – I can dig that.

From the Pipeline – 9.23.08

Some of you might have noticed a lack of a pipeline post yesterday which was due to being hit with a total lack of interest in anything to do with computers and technology. It was one of those blah days which we all suffer from at one point or another. Finally this afternoon I managed to rise out of the funk and get caught up with what was happening around the web. During that I did manage to find a few things in my information pipeline that weren’t gPhone related that you might find of interest as well.

The Network Monitor for the rest of us is here :: SEO and Tech Daily – a nice heads up from Charlie for a handy program for those nosy folks wanting to know what is going through their network

Samsonite OBAG concept reinvents the suitcase :: SlipperyBrick – somethings just don’t make any sense regardless of the pictures supplied – this is one of those cases

Silverlight: MSN UK’s New Experimental Viewer :: LiveSide – an experimental Viewer courtesy of Microsoft and their Silverlight technology

The Pirate Bay Is Getting Into Streaming? :: TechCrunch – you just have to know this is going to go over really well – or not.

Bizarre: CNet writer claims that Windows 7 must have geek support or else :: The Inquisitr – I’m with Duncan on this one except I want to know where this guy got his drugs because they’re pretty damn good.

Silverlight gets ported to Linux – Welcome Moonlight

Moonlight - Silverlight for Linux While everyone seems to be positioning themselves around Adobe AIR for delivering Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) there is another player in the same space that goes by the name of Microsoft. Microsoft released it’s newest version of Silverlight (2.0) back in November of last year. As usual there were cries from the non Windows platform users about it being only for Windows users as Silverlight needs the OS to run on.

Well word is out today that Novell through its work with the Mono project (.NET for Linux) has released its first public release of Moonlight which is the Silverlight port to the Linux Platform. While the release only supports Silverlight 1.0 De Icaza the Novell Vice President for Developer Technologies (he is also the driving force behind the Mono project) has said that they will move to also support 2.0 of Silverlight.

It has been good to see that Microsoft has been a willing partner in both the Mono project and now the Moonlight project as well.

From the Pipeline – 5.6.08

Even though today started out on the wrong side of the bed – so to speak – it’s turned out to be a pretty good day all round. To finish of this day here’s a few things I found interesting in my FriendFeed pipeline.

The Coolest Business Plan Ever :: The Post Money Value – I think the post title is more tongue in cheek considering the example Rick gave in the post. Definitely made me chuckle a bit when I read it.

Scoble advertising in Twitter? :: broadstuff – Robert Scoble is known for taking flack for a lot of stuff which is what Alan has done in his post about advertising showing up on Robert’s blog and more interestingly in his Twitter stream.

Mozilla warns of Flash and Silverlight ‘agenda’ :: ZDNet – a bit of an attack against Flash and Silverlight by Tristan Nitot of Mozilla – like Mozilla wouldn’t have an agenda of it’s own either .. ya … right.

Opera Releases Firebug Alternative: Dragonfly :: TechCrunch – not to be left behind Opera readies its answer to the Firebug plugin for Firefox. Of course this will only really matter if you are a web developer.

Sneaker Freaker Magazine – Global sneaker news, info & exclusive updates – everything sneakers – this is just plain fun especially if you are into hot news about running shoes and the companies that make them.