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I wouldn’t want to be Chris Brogan

If there is one person who has become synonymous with the whole Social Media movement it would have to be Chris Brogan. It doesn’t matter what conference you go to or which social media related blog you read at some point the name Chris Brogan will come up.

Sure he has his detractors as does just about any high profile blogger does (just ask Robert Scoble) but in my mind nobody better typifies what Social Media marketing and being a leader is all about. I don’t always agree with him and there are times that I shudder and some of the things he says but I would never want to be without his blog feed in my feed reader.

I have often wondered how it is that he manages to pull off everything he does. From his Twitter account to his blog and all the while maintaining a marketing company; that is geared to helping companies navigate this new Social Media world, the man is constantly on the go. He sometimes makes the Energizer Bunny look downright anemic.

However, we found out today that even the legendary Brogan stamina has its limits.