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From the Pipeline – 6.8.08


With all the activity today and most definitely tomorrow over His Jobness preaching to the masses there really isn’t much point in trying to post anything of any real substance as it will just get lost in the noise. Which means the two posts I’ve been working on will probably have to wait until Tuesday when it quiets down. In the meantime though here’s a few things that caught my eye in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain :: New York Times – something like this sure makes me feel a hellva lot better about being a cranky old fart. Now where did I leave my pen and paper?

Early adopters and a social media experiment. :: Colin Walker – an interesting post about trying this social media stuff from the other side of the fence – as one of those regular users we are always talking about.

Powerset vs. Cognition: A Semantic Search Shoot-out :: GigaOM – with semantic search being all the snitz these days Nitin Karandikar takes a look at two of the front runners in the race to the marketplace.

Geoducks Are Strange :: Dark Roasted Blend – no these are not the quack quack type of ducks you might be thinking of and besides I couldn’t pass up a post from a blog with a name like this one.

Disconnected :: – this kind of talk is the contagious dislike of cable TV that the company should be very afraid of.

The Future of the Internet, according to Web Trendsetters :: Datamation – it never fails but you get a bunch of high flying geeks together and someone somewhere will come out with an article like this one.

Hippie 2.0: Better World Books Is Proving You Can Make Money Being Green :: Profy – the new green is the same as the old green – its called money.

From the Pipeline – 5.28.08

Almost at the end of May and we’re still having cold weather (currently 45F) which is just nuts for this time of year. Even last year I had to have the air conditioner in the window for my wife and so far this year haven’t even given it a thought yet. So while I wait for some warmer weather to come this way here’s a few things I found of interest in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

The 1.0 Lessons Missed By 2.0 :: Profy – an excellent piece by Cyndy on why Web 2.0 shouldn’t be getting to big for its britches just yet as it still might have a thing or two to learn from the old dogs of the Internet game.

Tag Recommendations for Content: Ready to Filter Noise? :: I’m not actually a geek – Hutch has some interesting ideas on using the ideas of tagging to help quiet some of the noise we are experiencing in these social arenas.

Google Cannot Fix Twitter :: Technosailor – with all the problems that Twitter is having one of the constant suggestions is for Google to buy it. Aaron suggests that this could actually be the wrong thing to happen to Twitter.

Can Microsoft Still Make Something That Is Cool? :: ParisLemon – MG Siegler on his ParisLemon blog expands further on this thoughts that this multi-touch in Windows 7 could be the best thing to happen for Microsoft.

Free Open Source Counterparts of Windows Software :: make use of – while I don’t necessarily agree with all the selections this is a good list of alternative free software for the Windows platform.

Flash Exploit Shows the Dark Side of Web 2.0 :: GigaOM – with such a heavy reliance on Flash for much of the Web 2.0 type stuff it might not be the safest place to be playing around in.

The Fork in the Road for Social Media :: ReadWriteWeb – I would almost classify this as a must read post if you are interested in social media. Well done Bernard.

From the Pipeline – 5.7.08

Another day in the neighborhood and a wet one at that but at least the temperatures are starting to stabilize on the warm side. Pretty soon it will be time to start taking an afternoon break out of doors doing some reading. In the meantime here’s a few things that caught my eye in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

The Microsoft buying Facebook rumors commence, again :: VentureBeat – see what happens when Microsoft doesn’t buy Yahoo – the rumors start breeding all by themselves.

What Ever Happened to Not Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket? :: – Cyndy has some good points as to why start-up companies shouldn’t be placing their bets of success on one single company or application.

Tracy Ingle: Another Drug War Outrage :: Reason – a real life example of just how bad things can get when the law thinks you don’t have any rights.

The Aggregation Dilemma :: How To Split An Atom – Steve has an excellent piece on why we might be looking at what aggregation really is in the wrong light.

Microsoft’s Brand Confusion Runs Deep :: ReadWriteWeb – I don’t think it’s a matter of confusion but more one of they have no idea anymore what their brand is.

Robotraff is a Name to Which Trust. :: Mashable – Mark brings us news of what could be the next level in both click fraud and unreliable site stats.

From the Pipeline – 4.12.08

My will to stay out of this weekend’s bitchmeme is slowly ebbing away as I see more and more being written that is just making me down right cranky. In the meantime here’s a few things that caught my eye in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

Era of blogger’s control is over :: Robert Scoble – as far as Robert is concerned the time where a blogger has any control over their content and what is done with it or discussions around it is long gone.

7 Interesting and Useful Things to do with your USB Pen Drive :: Killer Tech Tips – just trying to do my part on passing along helpful tips

Sorry, I’m Not Buying This New Touchy-Feely Approach To The Music Tax :: TechCrunch – apparently Michael thinks that Ethan Kaplan’s post today is nothing more than trying to get all touchy-feely about having a music tax

IBM creates super-fast memory :: CrunchGear – a post about a new type of digital storage from IBM being referred to a ‘Racetrack’ memory

If Robert Scoble Is Right, Then Web 2.0 Is Dead :: profy – apparently Cyndy isn’t to hot over the idea that Robert Scoble thinks blogger control of their content is a dead issue

Are Pageviews Still Relevant for Bloggers? :: Mark Evans – just had to get one post from this weekend’s bitchmeme in and this one from Mark looks at the issue from a slightly different perspective.