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From the Pipeline – 6.12.08


Well what started out as the first day on a possible really bad weekend (plus Friday) may actually turn out to be a good one which means I could very well be here come Monday. I’m still waiting for a couple of finalizing emails to arrive to make sure I’m not talking out of my hat but in the meantime here’s a few things that caught my eye in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

Why Plurk Will Fail :: Michelle’s Blog – I don’t like Plurk at all and even though all of the early adopters seem to have climbed on the bandwagon I’m still standing at the station hoping something better is coming down the line.

The Five Stages Of Early Adopter Behavior :: Louis Gray – early adopters maybe an important ingredient within Web 2.0 and social media but that doesn’t mean we can’t be a finicky bunch.

Why I Won’t F’in Digg or Stumble That Page For You :: Shoemoney – not every blogger out there wants to be your digg or StumbleUpon pimp.

Nudity on FriendFeed: What Are Some Sensible Rules? :: I am not actually a geek – a look at the perennial question that comes up when any community is developing.

Do Regular People Really Read Blogs :: ReadWriteWeb – I sure hope so or there are an awful lot of people who are investing a lot of time for minimum return.

Best Office Pranks of All Time :: Jimmy Ruska’s Blog – had to include this one just because it is so much fu to see the crazy things people will do to their co-workers in the name of fun.

From the Pipeline – 6.10.08


Well the warm afterglow of yesterday’s Apple event seems to be dissipating as people now turn to look at what this new deal is going to cost them at their local AT&T store. Luckily I don’t need to worry about such things because I’m having a hard enough paying my current phone and DSL bill. In the meantime here’s a few things that caught my eye in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

 Free Edmonton Wireless :: Soliciting Fame – it’s nice to see some initiative coming from the people rather than telecom businesses or government to bring free WiFi to the city of Edmonton. Even though it’s not my most favorite Canadian city I have lived in free WiFi could make it a little more attractive.

Game On: Plurk To Release API Tomorrow :: the Inquisitr – apparently the newest Twitter clone on the street – Plurk – will be releasing a public API for developers tomorrow. Hopefully the first thing on the agenda will be a better desktop client for it.

My Blogging Burnout Experience :: SheGeeks – apparently Corvida suffered a bit of a blogger’s burnout but from what she tells me she’s back to normal with a lot of good stuff in the works. Re-design: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly :: ReadWriteWeb – according to Richard MacManus my favorite music recommendation service is in the middle of beta testing a new site design. Currently only those who have a paid subscription to the service are able to see the new look as it progresses forward.

I’m Thinking About Not Upgrading to the New iPhone When it Comes Out :: Thomas Hawk – apparently not everyone is enthralled with the new iPhone announced yesterday.

Why Cloud Computing Needs Security :: GigaOM – while everyone seems to being all enthused over the idea of cloud computing no-one is talking seriously about the security implications of doing this.