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No Queensbury Rules Here

No rules in this game I find it interesting how the whole tech blogosphere seems to think that since the explosion of blogs and the whole Web 2.0 ethos of warm and fuzzy Google sponsored do no evil that corporate business practices are going to change. It as if with the dawn of the blogosphere a whole new set of rules have suddenly been ensconced in stone and that all corporations regardless of their business has to take these rules to heart.

In a post today about the speculation over Microsoft’s upcoming software announcement MG Siegler said something in his comments that got me thinking about all of this. In the comment he says (emphasis mine):

If they have some software that is truly excellent, they should make sure as many people as possible can use it. It’s little things like that which could help them shake the ‘bad guy’ image we’ve seen from them in recent years and has very much been put on display during the recent Yahoo/MSFT talks.

The thing that gets me here is the thought that people seem to think that Microsoft’s behavior in regards to this Yahoo deal is any departure from the actions any corporation would be using in the real world of global business practices. The idea that corporate takeovers or much of the global dealings that happen between billion dollar behemoths is done in a lily white arena of kumbaya lets all get together for a group hug gushiness is deluding themselves.

Big business has always been a dirty street fighter when it comes to takeovers – friendly or not. Any and all tactics are used and many of them that would probably shake the goodie two shoes crowd to the souls of their Birkenstocks. In the corporate world there is no such thing as Queensbury Rules and if you think that is going to change because of a bunch of folks tapping away on keyboards into the internet ether then you’ve been spending too much time in a Starbucks lineup.

I’m on the road to fame and fortune

Okay that may have been a little over the top but hey it sounded good to the ears even though the chances of that happening is pretty slim. The reason though for the bit of exuberance is that since being asked by MG Siegler (ParisLemon) if I wanted to join him; and some other bloggers that I really respect (Jason of Webomatica, Mark ‘rizzn’ Hopkins, Louis Gray and Frederic), on Elite Tech News my name; and that of the blog, is starting to show up in places I never expected it to.

Then last night I find out that MG did a podcast for Mashable with Mark where they talked about this new venture of sorts called Elite Tech News over on reddit. You can have a listen below if interested but I just want to thank MG for asking me to join and that I am looking forward to working with the whole elite Tech News crew. All in all some interesting times ahead for me this year I think and I am looking forward to whatever comes along.

Goofing off without any guilt

Watching kitty tag to pass the time I’m not much of one for starting; or playing along with, tagging memes but every once in a while I get a thought in my head about blogging and in turn wonder what other bloggers I like feel about the thought or concept. This post is one of types of posts in that I got to thinking about what I do to waste time when I either can’t find a subject worth writing about; or for some reason my blogging mojo has left me stranded staring at the great white expanse of the WLW edit screen.

For those of us bloggers that tend to treat their blogs as a business the idea of not posting at least one article can sometimes bring pangs of guilt and we find things to fill that time which should otherwise be spent writing the next killer post. Myself I find that my time wasting efforts usually break down to two main things with the easiest and most obvious being playing games.

This is probably the easiest way to waste time as there is so many types of games to choose from; depending of course on the power of the computer you are working on. For me the first game that ever gets installed on a new build of my machine has to be Civilization; which is now up to version 4, and is typically the first game I head to in order to escape that haunting blog editor screen.

Sometimes though conquering the world doesn’t quite relieve the frustrations that can build up from either having a bad day or posts that just don’t seem to come together. In this case there is nothing better that the murder and mayhem that a good old FPS (First Person Shooter) can bring to help vent that frustration. As much as I would like to be able to play the newer games like Jericho or Crysis my computer runs screaming at the very thought of trying to power those games. So in times like this I find myself resorting to Castle Wolfenstein and its relative easy game play.

On a side note in regards to FPS games – why the hell do game makers have to continually make these games harder and harder to play. What ever happened to the good old simple shoot the shit outta the bad guys and have fun doing it. Instead we have to have team play, more and more powerful machines and increasing difficulty in the playing of the game itself. Whatever happened to making games like Doom and Serious Sam?

The last type of game I use to escape with is the simple old fashion Solitaire; which by the way was beautifully redone in Vista. At the moment I am working through the demo period of SolSuite which is an excellent collection of different types of solitaire games. Once that demo period is done it’ll be back to the same old boring game that has shipped with Windows since almost day one.

In those times when games don’t cut it I find myself playing follow the links; which is pretty simple. The idea is to pick a single link from some post you have read as your starting point. Then on the page that the link leads to; and once you have read the page, pick another link to follow. So on and so on – it’s a simple little game but it’s amazing how much time you can waste as well there are times where you can learn something really interesting or new.

The interesting thing is that even though goofing off from writing should bring with it a feeling of guilt – even a slight one – for not faithfully getting those posts out there for your readers I often find myself feeling more refreshed than guilty.

So what do you do during those times of avoiding the blog editor screen – how do you rejuvenate yourself. Let us now either in a blog post or a comment here. All I ask is that if you pass along your time wasting secrets just link back to this post so I can see and maybe learn some new ones.

As for the tagging meme part how about it it Jeffro2pt0, ParisLemon, webomatica, engtech and Rick Mahn .. what time wasting secrets do you have ?? :)

Knol – a potential fertile ground for smart spammers and marketers?

And a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia from your favorite wannabe web monopolist – Google; all courtesy of a smashing new idea from the bowels of the Googleplex called Knol.


With this news from Google sure to be the hot topic throughout Techmeme and the tech blogosphere it interesting to see that the initial reaction from folks like TechCrunch and ParisLemon is one of getting the headstone ready for Wikipedia because Google will be offering the one thing that Wikipedia doesn’t allow – a way for authors/editors to make money for their efforts.

As ParisLemon points out in his post:

Google obviously is not stupid. They saw all the traffic going to Wikipedia from their searches and likely thought: “why don’t we make our own”? The question would be why, when Wikipedia is already so firmly established? Well because if you read closely, authors will have the option to put Google Ads on the pages. Cha-ching.

Along with this we have Duncan Riley at TechCrunch calling this shot into the port bows of Wikipedia potentially space changing:

When it comes to Google, nothing should surprise us any more. Last month it was Digg style social voting on search results, this month its a new project called “Knol” (which apparently stands for a unit of knowledge), a user generated knowledge project that combines parts of Wikipedia and Squidoo (and to a lesser extent Mahalo) into what could easily turn out to game changer in this space.

Space changing maybe but I know one thing for sure. Knol; or whatever they end up calling it, will become the fertile ground for the best of the best smart spammers and marketers. You know the ones – those folks that are really good at turning a phrase to the point where everything sounds and looks legit. They might be a little busy at the moment working for politicians on the election trail but you can be sure that at the smell of easy money they’ll be on it like a bloodhound.

Why do I think this?

Because Google has already stated in their blog post about their Wikipedia killer that while they’ll share any revenue they won’t be acting as an editor in any fashion:

Google will not serve as an editor in any way, and will not bless any content. All editorial responsibilities and control will rest with the authors.

I can just see the glee forming in the eyes of marketing executives as they start counting their bonus checks. It won’t matter to Google who’s writing what past the initial publicity of a Knol launch after which as Duncan points outs “…. Duplication could become an issue however ..” and that will play right into the revenue machine that drives Google.

Especially when you consider the point; just as ParisLemon did, that any Knol will be featured in Google Search results. Call me cynical and cranky but given Google’s own track record with typosquatters and splogs I don’t see Knol being any different once the shining light of launch day is over and Google opens the floodgates for everyone to have their own Knol.

Sure Wikipedia is going to take a massive hit with this as far as actual casual visitors but when it comes down to authority and reputation in the long run a Pedia will beat out a Knol. The question is will Wikipedia be able to survive the initial loss of traffic.