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Why bother saying anything

You know I was finally going to jump in on the very interesting discussion that has been going on this weekend about Shyftr and their taking of blog posts via the RSS feed; or however they do it, and locking it behind their walls so that they could build a community of comments around something that didn’t originate on their site or from their minds.

I was going to talk about the finer points that both Tony Hung and Mark Evans brought to the table about how they didn’t think what was being done was so cool; or how Mathew Ingram thinks it is crossing a line. I was even going to debate the finer points of Frederic’s statement of letting them steal his content or even discuss Louis‘ points about how it’s fine for someone to take his content; with attribution of course, and build a business out of it.

I would have willingly discussed the fact that there is a big huge difference between what FriendFeed and even Techmeme is doing in contrast to what Shyftr is doing. It would have been interesting to raise the point that even though FriendFeed posts only the headline portion of any blog post thereby still letting the originating author retain control. It would have been equally interesting to point out that even though FriendFeed can post any comments made on your post people can still click back to the original to comment.

Additionally it would have been interesting to raise the point that Disqus is working hard to make it a two street so that comments made on FriendFeed would come back to the blog. It would have been interesting to talk about companies that seem to care about the author having some say – some control over their content even though Robert Scoble suggests that the content creators should give up on the idea of it ever being their content anymore.

But really what is the point of saying anything when all you are going to be told is that you’ll never amount to anything