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Silverlight gets ported to Linux – Welcome Moonlight

Moonlight - Silverlight for Linux While everyone seems to be positioning themselves around Adobe AIR for delivering Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) there is another player in the same space that goes by the name of Microsoft. Microsoft released it’s newest version of Silverlight (2.0) back in November of last year. As usual there were cries from the non Windows platform users about it being only for Windows users as Silverlight needs the OS to run on.

Well word is out today that Novell through its work with the Mono project (.NET for Linux) has released its first public release of Moonlight which is the Silverlight port to the Linux Platform. While the release only supports Silverlight 1.0 De Icaza the Novell Vice President for Developer Technologies (he is also the driving force behind the Mono project) has said that they will move to also support 2.0 of Silverlight.

It has been good to see that Microsoft has been a willing partner in both the Mono project and now the Moonlight project as well.