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Wireless complaints on the rise

Unhappy cell phone users getting jacked For the better part of ten years the majority of complaints against wireless providers has centered around unfair billing and generally inadequate voice calling. Now though with the increase of data services being piled on as a part of many packages being sold to customers a whole new set of complaints are being voiced.

We are seeing an increasing number of class actions suits being filed against everyone from AT&T, Verizon Wireless and right through to smaller carriers. Complaints are ranging from excessive roaming charges to total confusion over the various pricing schemes being used to hook customers with services that they don’t want.

According to Olga Kharif of BusinessWeek the number of complaints to the FCC have risen by 14%

According to the Federal Communications Commission, in the first quarter of 2007, the number of wireless service-related complaints rose 14%, to 5,242, led by billing issues. “There’s so much confusion out there in regards to what the price of the data plan is, what’s included or not,” says Bill Stone, CEO of wireless content seller Handango. “Consumers don’t know the fine print.”

She also points out that this wave of potentially costly litigation could be coming at a bad time for the wireless industry as more and more Americans are using cell phones

A new wave of potentially costly litigation comes at a bad time for the wireless industry. With 83% of Americans already brandishing cell phones, carriers face an uphill battle retaining users.

All this doesn’t even take into account the growing number of providers that are moving to a data cap system at the very time when they are trying to promote movies and music downloads for your mobile device which is sure to increase costs and most likely consumer anger.

The hype that is mobile

Would you watch a movie on this? I have never; and still don’t, understand this obsession with trying to stuff everything we do via the Internet into a device that is designed as a communication device between two people. The idea that we should be able to watch movies, television shows or play games within the confines of a screen that barely makes using it for a telephone bearable just makes me shake my head.

Scott Karp had a post today that covers the topic on a wider range of failings which included a bit on the fact that sites aren’t formatted for the small screen. I make note of this because rather humorously Marshall Kirkpatrick on Twitter said:

marshallk said at 9/26/2007 4:23:44 PM
Would read scott karp’s complaints re the mobile web, but his site doesnt render on my phone!

That aside Scott did also comment about the fact that mobile device screens are too small:

Much of what I’ve read about the future of mobile assumes we will do everything on a mobile device that we do on our desktops or laptops, but even if my complaints #1-3 are fully addressed, technology can’t fix the limitations of human eyesight and hand size — at least not for a while.

I can see cell phones as being an adequate MP3 player as long as I had a way to transfer the music I wanted to because I’ll be damned if I would further line the pockets of the telecom for that ability. I can even see them being the Kodak Brownie or Polaroid of this and future generations but again as long as I had a way to download them locally rather than email them to myself or however it is done.

With all that though I just can’t get my head wrapped around the idea that this is the next great way to play games, watch TV or kick back with a movie. That’s just nuts.