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From the Pipeline – 5.23.08

Well other than spending most of the day being told to stay on the couch by my wife and then 4 hours at the local hospital I totally missed out on anything of interest. It was definitely one of those day where you wish you had a laptop to keep you busy. I did manage to sneak a few peaks at FriendFeed and here’s some of what caught my eye in the pipeline.

Followup: In a next evolution of the web public interaction will be less important :: Alexander van Elsas’s Blog – Alex provides an excellent roundup to his previous post about the evolution of the web and public conversations. It is posts like these that mark Alexander as one of the best bloggers around.

Forget Gen Y, What Will We See with Gen Z? :: Profy – Cyndy wonders what life on the web will be like for her children who are already more connected than any previous generation.

It’s Time For FriendFeed To Kill Twitter :: Inquisitr – Duncan takes the outage problems that continually seem to plague Twitter and suggest it might be time for FriendFeed to deal it a death blow. Myself I can’t see this happening as Twitter; or its better built successor, provides a totally different service that does FriendFeed.

Why Mark Zuckerberg will be the next face of Microsoft :: Drew Olanoff – I read the headline and thought for a second that it was a new post on The Onion but in fact it’s a serious suggestion from Drew on the real successor to Bill Gates.

Apple takes delivery of 188 mysterious ocean containers :: Fortune – needless to say this already has the Mac world coming up with all kinds of ideas of what Apple goodies might be in those containers.

Silverlight gets ported to Linux – Welcome Moonlight

Moonlight - Silverlight for Linux While everyone seems to be positioning themselves around Adobe AIR for delivering Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) there is another player in the same space that goes by the name of Microsoft. Microsoft released it’s newest version of Silverlight (2.0) back in November of last year. As usual there were cries from the non Windows platform users about it being only for Windows users as Silverlight needs the OS to run on.

Well word is out today that Novell through its work with the Mono project (.NET for Linux) has released its first public release of Moonlight which is the Silverlight port to the Linux Platform. While the release only supports Silverlight 1.0 De Icaza the Novell Vice President for Developer Technologies (he is also the driving force behind the Mono project) has said that they will move to also support 2.0 of Silverlight.

It has been good to see that Microsoft has been a willing partner in both the Mono project and now the Moonlight project as well.

Just imagine them in their underwear

Just imagine them in boxer shorts Another year and another of Microsoft’s CEO Summit get together’s of the rich and powerful for the corporate world. There is no getting away from the fact that the people attending this faux private event who control over $3 trillion annually and 10 million employees are in fact the real movers and shakers in the global business world.

In an event that runs from May 13th to the 15th the big speech obviously had to be Bill Gates’ keynote on the morning of the 14th. Now can you imagine being the one standing in front of all those incredibly powerful people and trying to give a speech?

Me .. I’d be nervous as hell and sure you could try and use the old public speaking trick of imagining those wealthy and power folks in their underwear but somehow the idea of visualizing Jack Welch or Warren Buffet in their underwear is even scarier.

How would you do if you had to give a speech in front of people like that?

Vista say hello to Microsoft Bob

Microsoft Bob With every new release of the Windows operating system by Microsoft you can be assured of one thing – some folks will bitch about it. They could probably release the world’s perfect OS and still there would be complaints flying all over the place. Over the years I have seen it happen with just about every release whether it be the disaster that was MS-DOS 4 right through to today’s latest behemoth Vista.

Sometimes the complaints were justified; as with WinME, and in other cases it was just a case of upgrade jitters. With Vista though Microsoft is for the first time facing some serious OS competition from Apple’s OS X platform as sales of Apple’s laptops have gained momentum over the last few years. More and more people are giving the Mac serious consideration as they tire of the ever increasing bloat of Windows itself and the programs that run on it.

While Microsoft may be able to withstand some losses in the consumer market it becomes a different matter when their regular cash cow – the corporations – begin to look at either switching to Mac or side stepping a newly released Microsoft OS.

In an article today Business Week writes about about some Fortune 500 corporations that are doing just that – side stepping Vista and waiting until the next version of Windows ships. As Aaron Ricadela of BW writes:

General Motors may take a detour around Vista, the latest computer operating system from Microsoft. The automaker has encountered so many speed bumps getting Vista to work on its machines that it may just wait for the next version of Windows, due in 2010 or 2011. “We’re considering bypassing Vista and going straight to Windows 7,” says GM’s Chief Systems & Technology Officer Fred Killeen.

You know that when you have companies the size of GM who are willing to pass over a supposedly major OS upgrade in favor of what might be down the road you know you have a problem.

One could assume that with Bill Gate’s recent talking up about Windows 7 that the top brass regardless of the PR spin they put on Vista realize that they have to make some major changes. After all when only 65% of your Windows sales are Vista and even OEMs are clamoring for more of a life extension for XP you have to know something has gone of the rails somewhere.

As I have written before here on WinExtra it is my belief that given the information available and with a little bit of tea leaf reading we will see Windows 7 hit the market before the 2010 date that Microsoft is publicly stating will be the ship date. The reality is that Microsoft is going to have to do some major shifting with its OS development and shipping because I think that if they blow it this next time Apple will make even bigger and deeper inroads to Microsoft core corporate market.

In the end though I think it will be a safe bet that Vista will end up on the shelf sitting right next to Microsoft Bob and WinME.