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Braindead TechCast EP16: The failure of ridiculous Social Media metrics

Tonight’s show starts out with me having a little bit of a bitch session about hard plastic cables and how much of a pain they are but it isn’t long before Sean and I jump into the meat of the show starting with a discussion over the news that Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software blogging fame is quitting blogging.

It appears that he feels that blogging – especially to do it right -is turning out to be a major time suck that is affecting his business. Given the fact that Joel is a forerunner of the whole blogging thing it is hard to see him decide to retire; but have been a reader of his on and off for years I wonder how long it will be before he makes a come-back.

Next up is a quick side-step to talk about the stupidity of Viacom in pulling The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from Hulu.

We finally end up the show talking about this whole CrunchGate fiasco and the video posted today by Loren Feldman which in its own way – in our opinion – was also a bad move by Loren. This leads us into a discussion about Social Media and the metrics used.

Posts referred to in the show

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Enjoy the show

EP16: The failure of ridiculous Social Media metrics

CobWEBs Daily Edition podcast: Don’t forget your running shoes

cbn1-podpost On the eve of when the world will change forever as Steve Jobs brings us salvation in the form of some sort of tablet Sean and I spend tonight’s show talking about – Twitter.

Yes folks the mundane and boring world of Twitter and its numbers. Thanks to the crew at The Next Web we have something other than the stupidity surround the non-stop drooling over something not even here yet because this is where I found out about RJMetrics and their released study of Twitter.

Sure we could have talked about running shoes – oh wait .. we did .. oh well I guess there are the Zune rumors that we can fill out some time with.

As well I close out the show with a plea to my fans – the one or two that there are out there.

Posts referenced in the show.

Are There Only 15 Million Active Twitter Users? – The Next Web
New Data on Twitter’s Users and Engagement – RJMetrics
Rambler shoes Tweet with each step – Slippery Brick
Updated Zune software drivers hints at Zune “Phone” -

Enjoy the show.

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Finding your breadcrumbs

Collecting those breadcrumbs As I was writing my post about evangelism this morning I began thinking about something else that not only relates to bloggers but even to those folks who enjoy spending their time being a part of the conversation. For bloggers though this spreading of our ideas, our thoughts and conversation can cause worry and concern over loss of readership and for a large percentage – ad dollars.

The main argument being used against this diaspora of the conversation around our blogs is because we lose out on those all important page views. It is those page views that dictate in the eyes of the ad networks what we are worth to them. I have argued for some time that this whole concept especially for bloggers is a very broken system. A system that breaks down even further as we find ourselves involved with FriendFeed or Twitter and trying to strengthen our brand there.

Advertisers have to come to a realization that they are not dealing with static single site brands anymore but with a brand that can literally be spread across the blogosphere. The problem is then is how do we show advertisers the breadth and strength of our brand. How do we show them that we are heavily involved with things like FriendFeed or Twitter. How do we show them that our brand name is recognized as leading commenters on other blogs. How do we show them that we care about our brand and do everything we to promote it and there by making it worth their while to be associated with our brand.

The old metrics that we have grown to rely on over the years no longer work. As it is you can never get any two sets of metrics to even come close to matching in values. The time has come; and becoming more important every day, for bloggers to have a reliable set of tools that can create involvement reports of where you have been out putting your brand in front of the people.

The first of these tools could very well be showing up if Cyndy’s post the other day on is any indication. The service she was reporting on is called filtrbox of which the free version will allow up to 10 filters which it will then use to crawl the web to find relevant information to those filters. Right now it is in private beta so I am waiting to see if I get an invite before I can really see if this will even start to accomplish what I think needs to be done.

I think the time has come for bloggers to stop relying so much on antiquated metrics and start finding ways to collect all those breadcrumbs we leave lying around the web. Maybe is enough of us do that the advertisers will begin to see that those crumbs could actually be nuggets of gold.

From the Pipeline – 4.21.08

What a fun day it’s been – after all it’s not very often that one gets called a chickenshit by the illustrious Dave Winer as I was today … think I’ll mark that one on the calendar. In the meantime here’s a few things from today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

Tracking a Techmeme meme :: Online Media Cultist – Eric has a few thoughts about Techmeme, TechCrunch and Dave Winer and the nonsense from the weekend.

Share Any Web Page with FeedDemon :: Nick Bradbury – I love tips for using FeedDemon and today Nick gives us one for sharing any web page with FeedDemon on your shared links feed in FeedDemon.

Blogging metrics gone wild :: Marketing Mystic – Mia has a few thoughts about metrics and why she thinks that blogs need their own metrics system.

FriendFeedMachine Debuts New Approach to FriendFeed :: Louis Gray – Louis is up to his usual tricks of finding and introducing new services to us. This time it is one that reworks FriendFeed.

Where’s My Toluu Enthusiasm? :: SheGeeks – Corvida finds she isn’t as enthused with Toluu as she once was; and she explains why.

Twitter: grabbing defeat from the jaws of success :: Robert Scoble – Roberts thinks Twitter could be heading in to some rough times with its userbase. One has to wonder that if it does and given FriendFeed’s continual growth and popularity whether Pownce or Jaiku even have any relevance any more.