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Quick Thoughts for 1.27.08

I’m having a bit of a difficult time the last few days doing this blogging thing but that usually happens to me when I start working on a fresh project. While this isn’t a totally fresh start of a new dev project the fact that I am diving head first into Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is new and it’s hurting my head. However I think TwitBox is going to be much better and cooler because of it.

Facebook extends their lock-in strategy :: Marc Canter – an excellent piece that points some sharp pins in the hot air around Facebook’s announcement about allowing Facebook widgets to live outside of the walled garden.

What Facebook’s Developer Announcement means: How Community can be Portable :: Jeremiah Owyang – Jeremy comes at the same announcement from the cheering section of the crowd. Who says I don’t give equal time :)

Horizon & Windows Live Core – Microsoft registers domains for dogfood :: LiveSide – the crew at LiveSide bring some crystal ball gazing reports regarding their thoughts on Microsoft looking at new horizons.

Help me microloan $500 $600 on Kiva :: Long Zheng – Long is looking for some help in spreading some of his recent wealth around – get over there and add your 2 cents – so to speak.