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Getting screwed by Bell once again

bellfinger There is a love hate relationship that customers of Bell here in Canada have with the company and right now I am on the hate side of that relationship. Over the year that I have been using their services for both telephone and DSL there has been slight increases every couple of months; or so it seems. For the most part I was fine with them especially when their sales department called one day with a suggestion of a new package that would reduce my monthly bill.

Heck I’m all for reducing my monthly bills where I can but rather than a reduction I am now paying more than I have in the past. Where at one time my monthly combined bill was around the $60 I am now approaching the $100.00 mark. To make matters worse in the past two month my DSL speed has decreased from the 600+ KB/s to I’m lucky if I break the 225 KB/s barrier.

Where I once paid $35 for great speed DSL wise I am now paying close to $60.00 for crap DSL speed.

Now I’m usually a fairly easy going type of guy but I think the time of being nice and understanding has come to an end. Unfortunately I’ll probably spend hours playing phone tag come Monday and nothing will change because if there is one thing Bell can always be counted on doing it is screwing their customers.

Update: strangely enough two days after this post my DSL speed suddenly returned to the speed that it was suppose to be <shrugging shoulders>.

Cory Doctorow you need to STFU about Canada

Don’t get me wrong – I have the utmost respect for Cory and I like his writing on Boing Boing (I still want to get a copy of his Little Brother book) but in this instance he pisses me right off with what I consider to be a hypocritical stance. You see Cory will every time he mentions anything to do with Canadian ISPs say how glad he is that he doesn’t live here anymore and that he wouldn’t dream of moving back here.

His reasoning is that companies like Bell, Rogers and Telus are sneaky, onerous and terrible. I won’t for one second argue that they aren’t but here’s the rub – Cory is currently living in England which in my opinion has to be one of the most repressive countries in the civilized world. After all this is the country with the most CCTV cameras per person. They already have an extensive database for keeping track of its citizenry to which they plan on adding another one to track Brits as they go about their international travels.

It is beyond me how any reasonable person can on one hand call down a country for companies with really bad business practices when it comes to its customers when on the other hand they are willing to live in a country that the government does far worse.

So Cory in all respect I have to take this moment and call you a hypocritical ex-pat Canuck and pass along these


As a Canadian Rogers action is no surprise

Rogers rewrites webpages From what is being said around the blogosphere you would think that this newest escapade by Rogers to inject their own code into that datastream you are receiving is something new and underhanded. Well this current method Rogers is using to mess with your internet traffic and usage might be new but the fact that they or any other Canadian ISP has been playing games with that Internet access we pay outrageous monthly amounts for isn’t new.

Bell; or as its ISP arm is known as – Sympatico, has been capping and shaping the traffic going through its pipes since the early days of dial-up. Whether they called it Customer Fairness Usage back in the early days when you could find yourself without access for using your access too much during the peak times to now where all email traffic has to go through their SMTP servers to questionable speed claims with their DSL speeds.

Even though in the big cities there might be a modicum of (cough) competition (cough) once you reach the outlying small towns you are typical down to two choices either Bell’s DSL service or whatever the cable company wants to rape you for. As it stand here in Canada right now they might not call it price fixing – because we all know that is against the law – but it might as well be as both the telco’s; large and small, and the cable companies consider Internet access as their private money printing machine.

On top of this while the U.S. debates the finer point of what net neutrality is here in Canada all the ISP’s do as they damn well please because when push comes to shove we as consumers have no real choices that provide us with fair and equitable services for a price that doesn’t cut very deep gouges into anyone’s monthly budget.

So while many of the American bloggers might be getting up in arms over Rogers recent action of rewriting the web pages in your browser to tell you that your are using too much of the services they are providing and to behave or you will get capped my only questions is why this hasn’t happened sooner. It’s not like we have a government that will stand up for the consumer or any single company that believes that the money they are being paid for highspeed unlimited access means just that.

As Mike Masnick at Techdirt says:

Most importantly, though, it shows how some ISPs feel about its position in the value stream. They feel that they are more important than the content and services you are using. This is what leads to all those network neutrality debates, where the ISPs forget that they’re providing just a pipe and think that they are the most important part of the process and have the right to change how everything else works.

The things is that while it is the Americans that seem most worried about this intrusion by the ISP just about every Canadian knows that chances are nothing at all is going to be done to protect the consumer from this type of thing continuing just as nothing will be done about the rampant traffic shaping that is going on.

After all with you consider that Rogers is one of the most powerful cable and telecommunication companies in Canada next to Bell and that Ted Rogers is equally Canadians getting screwed again powerful within the Canadian political scene. As for Bell, well it just hires lobbyists and makes huge donations to whichever political party that will control the country for the next four years.

If there is any way that the cable companies and telecommunication companies can screw the Canadian consumer they will, because no-one in power gives a shit past the last election. Besides where are we going to go – the competition?

Well that might be possible if there really was any such thing in this country.

Web 2.0 the next platform for malware?

For the longest time Windows has been the defacto standard for all malware authors to target their little gems of scripting prowess; however according to a report from Finjan Inc we could be seeing a shift to the use of storage and caching servers as the launching platforms.

Storage and caching servers used by businesses, ISP’s and search engine companies are being used by attackers to exploit end users’ machines. “Since the malicious code is duplicated and stored on such servers, even if the original malicious site is taken down, its malicious content still remains and is served by these storage and caching servers until removed,” according to the report. The result is the installation of spyware, Trojans and other malware used to acquire personal information, said Finjan chief technology officer Yuval Ben-Itzhak.

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