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So much for being an Internet leader

I like Cringely, alot of folks don’t apparently but I do and his column this week is one of the reasons why. He has clean and sharp way of stating facts that the big boys don’t want to let be heard. Such is the case with IPv6 and its non-adoption in North America; and much of the rest of the world for that matter. The only exception to this has been China and they are now a world leader in IPv6 networks.

However what a lot of folks may not know is that in the US the switch over from IPv4 to IPv6 is a federally mandated program and as Cringely points out in his column with all federal mandates comes federal money; which is probably one of the reasons the telcos and other tech companies have been dragging their feet on an issue that they have known for years needed fixing. After all why spend your own money when you know if you wait long enough on a critical infrastructure need that the government will start writing cheques.

Where China has made it a national program to move to a complete IPv6 network with a good design infrastructure the rest of us have been busy letting the corporations increase their stock positions a hundred fold without having to commit to something like network neutrality which benefits everyone but them.

As Cringely says at the end of his column:

Look at it as leadership through good example. China has done something very impressive and now others are taking notice. We (the U.S.) think we control the Internet, but China is proving otherwise.

And what is happening in the USA? Well we have Net Neutrality. We have a telco rebuilding a national monopoly. We have Cisco and Microsoft working together on Network Admission Control (NAC). I can see a time in the near future when they’ll try to charge me for every PC in my house. While China is building a national resource, our government is letting companies turn the public Internet into an expensive private toll road.

But we’ll move to IPv6, that’s for sure, if only to make sure Halliburton has plenty of business. [Full Post]

So instead of being a country(s) that are leading the technology frontier we are slowly finding ourselves being regulated to the chow wagon and one has to has a very simple question – Why?