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Braindead TechCast EP 113: Real men can pet their mouse

Our English may suck and our grammar may drive people nuts but at least we do what we do with passion and without destroying any movie or television analogies.

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From the Pipeline – 7.23.08

I’m not sure how many are listening to the new WinExtra Discussion Points podcast that I am doing on the blog but I’ve enjoyed doing them and really look forward to making it a regular thing. For those of you interested in either calling in (via Skype or some other phone type) just drop by the Talkshoe page for the Monday to Friday show anytime between 9PM EST (6PM PST) and 9:30 PM. You can participate either in the chat room or talk with me one on one about the topic of the evening. In the meantime here’s a few things that I found of interest in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

Top 10 Best Ever Hackers [nw] :: TechCrunchIT – like most lists this one has some obvious flaws but still fun to look through anyway

A Product’s Place Is on the Set [nw] :: New York Times – whether it be the big red Coke cups on American Idol or now the McDonald’s Iced Coffee on the evening news desk product placement is coming blatantly front and center. Funny thing is that the Iced Coffee isn’t the real  thing.

If Tech Blogging Fails So Hard, Why Can I Buy Groceries? [nw] :: Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins – just a few ideas on the changing landscape of blogging and the social media landscape from a good friend of mine.

5 Free Useless iPhone Apps All the Cool Kids Are Downloading [nw] :: – Cyndy whose is one of my favorite bloggers but who let me down by succumbing to the evilness of the iPhone has a handy list of what the cool iPhone app downloads are.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Full Memo to the Troops About New Reorg [nw] :: Kara Swisher – there appears to have been quite the shakeup today at Microsoft and Kara has the Ballmer email to the troops for you to read.