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From the Pipeline – 5.31.08

The end of the month but it doesn’t feel any different except maybe – just maybe – getting warmer finally. Going from the low 50’s one day to the mid 70’s a day later though is a tad bit ridiculous. In the meantime though here’s a few of the things I found of interest in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

Strong Opinions, Weakly Held :: Coding Horror – there is definitely one thing you can say about Jeff Atwood and that is he can be very passionate about the things he cares about. He was one of my favorite bloggers when I was developing and he still is now I stick to blogging. Keep up the good work Jeff.

Miscommunication between GoogleTalk and Winamp :: Colby Olson – use Winamp? .. Use GTalk? .. finding they don’t play nice when you want GTalk to display the song playing as your GTalk status? Well Colby’s here to help ya all out.

How Web 2.0 Is Killing Software Development :: Profy – Cyndy lets loose with a style to make a cranky old fart proud – you go girl :)

More About the about: in Firefox :: Firefox Facts – a handy list of tips on how to use the about page in Firefox to get information about your install of Firefox and some other goodies.

Bank loses tapes with data on 4.5M clients :: Computerworld – and they want us to trust more and more companies with our online or offline data – ya .. right .. that’s a good idea

Amazing Food Art :: Toxel – just for some Saturday evening fun :)

WordPress Themes Collection :: Blog Oh! Blog – another site to save away somewhere safe for that day when you go looking for a new blog theme.