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Braindead TechCast EP66: 10,000 channels and still nothing

If there is one thing you can always count on to come out of Google’s conference announcement is division over what has been announced. Much of the news today of course has been about the coming Age of Google TV and how it is going to change everything. Ya .. okay.

We also take a little bit of a side-trip into lunacy with the news that Australia doesn’t want you bringing any porn into the country and that CBS is being a hypocrite over the title of its new show called $#*! My Dad Say – which of course everyone knows is a spin off from the Twitter account by the same name.

The rest of the show branches out to music mobile phones and other things of interest.

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Braindead TechCast EP65: No green dot

With much of the news today being about Google and their I/O conference Sean and I take a look at a few of the announcements even the ones rumored to announced tomorrow.

We take a few minutes to look into the tea leaves when it comes to a possible Yahoo and AOL deal.

We then spend a little bit of time talking about mSpot and how once it was consider to be a curse on the web to have paid plugins (apps) for browsers but now it is the coolest thing going. Amazing how attitudes can change over the years and companies involved.

Post referred to in the show.

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Sophia Loren

Google is no Sophia Loren – more like Ugly Betty

There is no getting around it – Google sucks when it comes to the Social Web, or in marketing speak – Social Media.

Unlike the other leaders in the field Google’s efforts have either been complete flops or just disparate efforts scattered around the Web. Even in those efforts that have gained a modicum of success, if it can even be called that, there is always a feeling of blandness, of always just missing the target.

In a way this is understandable. One has to remember that Google was built around the whole concept of the power of the algorithm and built by engineers and developers with an extreme eye to minimalism in everything it did. There is nothing wrong with this approach if all you are going to be is a search engine and ad platform but being social needs more than being able to calculate page load times down to the millisecond, or debating which shade of blue right down the the hex number is better.

Everything Google does is bland, faceless and yes – boring. This is the perfect approach of course for the true geeks and early adopters but the exact opposite of what the masses who are becoming involved in Social Media want, or are expecting.


The most important difference between Google Buzz and Facebook

Facebook is the biggest monster in the room, there’s no denying that.

It is huge and regardless of how much of an uproar there might be over the way it decides it wants things done it isn’t going anywhere. We might whine and bitch about Facebook constantly changing the rules of the game in order to suit its own ends but unfortunately there is no other social network capable of challenging it.

But perhaps it doesn’t need to be challenged. Perhaps there are alternatives out there that while not as big or all encompassing as Facebook that are just as good in their own way. After all it isn’t a requirement that we need to join, or participate, Facebook – at least not yet.

I was thinking about that today when I read a post by Louis Gray where he was talking about why Google Buzz was a better alternative for him over Facebook.

The world of social networking is not a zero-sum game. For Buzz to succeed does not mean that either of the other networks have to fail. In fact, it doesn’t even mean that Buzz has to be the biggest network on the planet. But it does mean that it should have the potential to be the best. I need a powerful aggregation tool that watches my activity on Google Reader and native blogs, but also offers the option to share photos and videos in a public way. Buzz does that. I need a powerful tool that lets me find friends’ updates from around the Web and engage with them in a central location. Buzz does that.