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Some folks I would like to see do e-books

Online library concept At some point it seems just about every blogger toys with the idea of putting together an e-book, either to give-a-way or to make a few bucks on (oh shush – nothing wrong with that). Some even go on to actually get some nice book publishing deals out of their work.

I know I’ve tossed the idea around but I haven’t really committed to the idea. However I know there are quite a couple folks who I read faithfully that I would be more than willing to cough up some bucks to be able to have an e-book written by them, and not all are in the social media field either.

This is my short-list of authors I think would be great to have an e-book by:

Alexander van Elsas: in my opinion Alexander is one of those rare bloggers in the social media field who constantly comes at things from “the user” point of view rather than the marketer or guru point of view. While his blogging style is more along the lines of ‘long posts’ they are typically rock solid and will definitely make you think.

For me I would love to see him expand on many of his thoughts and ideas with it comes to “the user” and social media as well as some of his best posts.