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Sophia Loren

Google is no Sophia Loren – more like Ugly Betty

There is no getting around it – Google sucks when it comes to the Social Web, or in marketing speak – Social Media.

Unlike the other leaders in the field Google’s efforts have either been complete flops or just disparate efforts scattered around the Web. Even in those efforts that have gained a modicum of success, if it can even be called that, there is always a feeling of blandness, of always just missing the target.

In a way this is understandable. One has to remember that Google was built around the whole concept of the power of the algorithm and built by engineers and developers with an extreme eye to minimalism in everything it did. There is nothing wrong with this approach if all you are going to be is a search engine and ad platform but being social needs more than being able to calculate page load times down to the millisecond, or debating which shade of blue right down the the hex number is better.

Everything Google does is bland, faceless and yes – boring. This is the perfect approach of course for the true geeks and early adopters but the exact opposite of what the masses who are becoming involved in Social Media want, or are expecting.


Braindead TechCast EP60: Facebook to Taylor Swift – we’ve got the bases covered

What a boring couple of days in the tech blogosphere but that didn’t stop Sean and myself from finding at least a couple of things to talk about, not to mention a few that we hadn’t planned on.

Even though Sean insisted on starting the show by dredging up images that are best left in the darkest recesses of the Internet we managed to survive and have a little bit of a talk about the iPad and how Canadians will never need more than 5GB a month while using this magical device – or at least that is what Rogers believes.

From there we ended up on the main topic of the night – Facebook and how the spin doctors are out in full force trying to convince intelligent people that they care about our privacy. All the while of course we are hearing about more breaches courtesy of their fancy new social plugins.

Now I’m not really sure how we got onto Betty White and Taylor Swift but we did and it was definitely more interesting that re-hashing Facebook crap.

Posts referred to in the show.

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Enjoy the show

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Putting the “Us” back in the Profile equation

Simple question: Who owns “Us”?

In other words – who owns my profile, who owns your profile?

Does Twitter?

How about Facebook?

Or perhaps Google owns it.

Why is it we are being convinced that someone else, some other company, is best suited to look after our online profiles?

Why is it that we are so willing to hand over the keys to our lives to some company?

Another simple question: How much is your life history, your desires, your dreams, your failures, your travels (both online and offline) worth to you? Is there even a price you can put on them?

In other words – are you willing to sell your ever evolving life’s story to the lowest bidder?

We don’t think much about our profiles when it comes to living online but it is those profiles that are our life story. They are integral to who we are, what we do, and most importantly to our identity. Yet we treat this life story with the most cavalier of attitudes. We hand it over to companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google without the slightest comprehension of what it is we are giving away.

We are letting companies dictate what can be done with those stories, with our identities. Do we really place such little value in our own worth that we believe that these companies know better?


We’re handing the keys to the Web over to Facebook

It’s not happening overnight but it is happening. We are slowly handing the keys of our Web over to Facebook and other than a small vocal minority no-one seems to care.

It’s not something that is all that obvious but Facebook has all the pieces in place to hijack the Web from under us and we all seem to be willing to jack those pieces into the very fabric of the Web – our blogs and websites.

I am still ambivalent about the whole Like button thing even though I am using them over on WinExtra; and still debating their inclusion here and at Braincell Soup (my more artsy fartsy blog), I can see them quickly becoming the underpinnings of our socialized web. However they aren’t the real danger as are the other social plugins from Facebook.

The real danger I feel is the adoption of the Facebook Login connections that are springing up all over the place like some bad weed infestation. Ya there’s a smattering of OpenID type login options as well as Twitter but I have started to notice sites that use Facebook social login as the primary way for people to login to sites.

Prior to things like Twitter and Facebook site registration was always handled in-house which meant that people usually had to remember multiple login usernames and password which admittedly as a user is real pain in the ass. Now though services like Facebook through some slick salesmanship have convinced a growing number of bloggers and site owners to save their users from frustration by hooking into the Facebook way of doing things.