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What’s Duncan Riley got up his sleeve now?

I like looking through the different sections of the stats plugin I use here at WinExtra as I sometimes come across some interesting info. Like tonight err … how about this morning … as I was looking through and saw another URL that looked familar but it had a sub domain prefix I hadn’t seen before.

The main domain address was which most of us knows if Duncan Riley’s new blogging effort but this URL address had an iq sub domain attached to it. So being the nosey bugger that I am I clicked through to it and this is what showed up in the browser

Inquisitr iQ - click for larger view

So … Duncan …. what are you up to bud?

Duncan Riley – the 2.0 version

Duncan Riley The blogging world has many personalities some of which we like and others that constantly rub us the wrong way. Some might be uhm.. shall we say .. egotistical and others are willing to give of their time. Of all the personalities out there Duncan Riley is probably best known for his time spent writing for TechCrunch where I once suggested that he was like the bad cop of the old fashion Good Cop – Bad Cop routine.

While Duncan might have been better known for his easy to provoke attitude he was also responsible for many excellent posts but unfortunately his rather public dust-ups; whether on TechCrunch or his personal blog, are what remained in the minds of most folks. Then one day not long ago he surprised everyone by leaving the TechCrunch fold to head out on his own.

No sooner than he had put his last post on TechCrunch to bed than his venture The Inquisitr was introduced to the blogosphere. I will admit that I wasn’t sure what style of writing he would take on the blog. Would the bombastic and sometime user of cuss words prevail or would we see something different was the question I think a lot of spectators and blogging pundits were waiting to see.

I don’t think I was alone in being pleasantly surprised when Duncan began experimenting with the very things like FriendFeed and Disqus that had lead to some extremely heated posts just prior to him leaving TechCrunch. There was even a public meet-up of sorts via his blog between himself and Louis Gray; who had been the object of one of his more vitriolic posts, where they talked about FriendFeed.

However I have been far more impressed by some of his more current posts regarding the rising discussion about the evolution of blogging. In his series of posts about Blogging 2.0 he has written what I consider some of his best and most balanced pieces yet. Gone is the easy to ruffle writing and replaced with well thought out and interesting posts.

While I still think that the old take no prisoners Duncan style of writing is still there I think that the move to starting up The Inquisitr was the best things he could have done for himself; and given the quality of posts the best thing for us his readers as well.

Who will walk in the footsteps of Duncan Riley?

techcrunch As most of you have heard by now Duncan Riley has written his last post on TechCrunch after being with the blog owned by Michael Arrington for almost a year to the day. Right now I’m listening to the podcast that Duncan did with Matt Craven that got posted today as well which is being billed as an exclusive interview.

While I am sure that much will be written whether it be from the Valleywag style to more staid bloggers I am more interested in who Michael will be looking to replace Duncan with – if he does. So with a little bit of wishful thinking these are the people that I could see being able to step into Duncan’s shoes

Louis Gray – Louis has proven over the last year that he is a good solid blogger with a strong analytical look at things.

Mathew Ingram – Mathew has some good journalistic background as being a journalist with The Globe & Mail which would be an advantage for TechCrunch

Alexander van Elsas – while most won’t know him Alexander has an excellent blog and he also has an excellent technology background that could prove to be handy.

That’s my selection but at the same time I wish Duncan all the best in his new ventures whatever they may be.

Is that another nail in the coffin?

WTF are you doing? Imagine for one second if you were told that Encyclopedia Britannica was going to remove any information older than a year; or how about if Google was to send out a press release saying that they were going to ditch anything older than six months from their index. I can just hear the howls of WTF! echoing throughout the Internet and heads would be rolling at emergency board meetings.

Well this is in effect what Technorati is apparently doing according to an email from Ian Kallen at Technorati to Zoli Erdos who first noticed that anything older than six months was missing from Technorati’s index. While Ian shrugs off some minor economization, performance fixes with a suggestion that most people won’t notice the missing data one has to really shake their heads at such a move.

Even as Duncan Riley at TechCrunch points out that most people may not care because they have already switched to using Google’s BlogSearch the fact that Technorati seems ready to cut its data throat sure doesn’t instill much confidence in the company’s desire to be the main blogging reference site.

I realize that one of the things that Technorati may have been wanting to do is to clean up its index of things like splogs and other such index pollutants, however isn’t this just a bit of over kill?.