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Getting screwed by Bell once again

bellfinger There is a love hate relationship that customers of Bell here in Canada have with the company and right now I am on the hate side of that relationship. Over the year that I have been using their services for both telephone and DSL there has been slight increases every couple of months; or so it seems. For the most part I was fine with them especially when their sales department called one day with a suggestion of a new package that would reduce my monthly bill.

Heck I’m all for reducing my monthly bills where I can but rather than a reduction I am now paying more than I have in the past. Where at one time my monthly combined bill was around the $60 I am now approaching the $100.00 mark. To make matters worse in the past two month my DSL speed has decreased from the 600+ KB/s to I’m lucky if I break the 225 KB/s barrier.

Where I once paid $35 for great speed DSL wise I am now paying close to $60.00 for crap DSL speed.

Now I’m usually a fairly easy going type of guy but I think the time of being nice and understanding has come to an end. Unfortunately I’ll probably spend hours playing phone tag come Monday and nothing will change because if there is one thing Bell can always be counted on doing it is screwing their customers.

Update: strangely enough two days after this post my DSL speed suddenly returned to the speed that it was suppose to be <shrugging shoulders>.