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Canada and its laws under siege from the European Union

For those who follow the whole copyright war that is going on – and trust me it is a war – much of the attention is being centered around the backroom dealings on a global level by those looking to get ACTA accepted as the new law of the land.

At the same time that Canada is being targeted by this group it is also finding itself under attack by the European Union.

You see the EU wants Canada to totally change all its laws when it comes to copyright and intellectual property. Laws that have stood this country in good stead for more than a few decades and have been lauded as some of the fairest in the world. Of course it isn’t the entertainment industry that praises them but rather the actual artists, writers and actors who do the real creating.

So how bad of an effect would this have on our country?

The real war for control of technology and the Web

RIAA Age of privacy discussions are pointless when compared to the real war going on.

It isn’t pretty and glamorous to be involved in but its impact will be deeper than any open data argument.

This is a war that crosses national boundaries and yet not a whimper is being heard. This is a war that is subverting national policies but the voices of cyber Paul Reveres are ignored as we play FarmVille. Countries from Canada to New Zealand and Australia to Costa Rica are facing everything from outright economic pressure to underhanded backroom dealings signed away in NDAs.

Under the acronym of ACTA landing boats are bringing lawyers, trade organizations and promises of global ostracization. This is the war that the entertainment industry is doing everything it can to keep under the radar.

Yet this industry is seeking to forever change how we use technology and the Internet. Primary among its weapons is the hijacking of a growing number of countries and their laws surrounding copyrights. Primary among its ways to affects these laws is political pressure by members of political parties who they have been financing for years.

It is those politicians who are threatening the economic viability of countries like Costa Rica using threats of blocking US markets for Costa Rican sugar – unless they agree to radically changing their copyright laws.

Canada is being assaulted on two fronts in a war that wants our country to acquiesce our copyright laws. From the US and ACTA to the European Union and their CETAEU our country is being told to change our laws that have been called some of the fairest copyright laws in the world.

This is a war that if lost will make concerns about privacy seem petty and archaic. It is a war if lost will make Google and China’s little dance seem like pointless. It is a war that lives in the background and has no glamour or cute buzzwords to gain fame with.

It is a war I fear we will lose before we realize that we need to fight. But then we’ll always have things like FarmVille to fall back on eh.

Canada heads to the technological bush league

canadarm We have some of the smartest minds in the world working in all areas of computer technology. We were at one time a leader in broadband penetration and a beacon to countries with our hands off approach to the Internet. That is all changing and it boils down to, in my own personal opinion, to two things – the screwed up implementation of patents and copyright as well as federal government with no guts or foresight.

Already we are hamstrung by copyright laws that force services like Pandora and Hulu to deny us access to their services and why – because a dying entertainment industry is enforcing archaic copyright laws. To this end we have a government that is a major player in the secret backroom deals that are going into the implementation of ACTA – the next generation copyright laws that will apply worldwide.

Blogging and plagiarism

I had a great opportunity the other day to join Jeff Chandler on his Perfcast podcast where he and some extremely knowledgeable folks discussed the what and wherefores of plagiarism and the blogging world. Jeff’s other guests included Jonathan Bailey from the Plagiarism Today blog, Patrick O’Keefe and Dave AC.

It was good to get back into doing a podcast; even if only as a guest, and I couldn’t think of a better person to do it (thanks Jeff). so if you are interested in the subject of plagiarism and how it can related to bloggers grab a coffee and have a listen.

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