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Where is Chris Brogan headed?

Anyone who maintain even a cursory interest in Social Media will have at some point heard of Chris Brogan. Myself, I have been following Chris for years both through his blog and on his Twitter stream (@chrisbrogan) and while I might not always agree with him I consider him to be one very smart dude and I have a lot of respect for him.

In fact he was a great help and influence when I was going through the splitting of this blog off from WinExtra (which is my Windows and Microsoft related blog) when I felt that my two interests (Social Media and Windows) were at odds with attracting readers.

I will forever appreciate his help at that time but that is the way that Chris is. He is more than willing to help anyone I believe who is honest and up front with him and not just trying to attach themselves to his star in some fashion or another. The Social Media blogosphere is littered with stories of how he has helped people never asking anything in return.


This is what can happen when a company controls your web presence

First off I want to apologize to Chris Brogan for his trip to Canada being ruined because of Google. Hopefully Chris the bistros more than made up for your troubles.

For those of you may not know the esteemed Mr. Brogan was visiting my fair country (even if it was Montreal) and Google decided that there had been a perceived violation of Google’s Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of Service.” As a result Chris was stranded in a foreign country without his lifeline to his community or his communication platform.

You see when Google disabled his access they left him literally stranded without

  • being able to use his Android phone fully
  • Access to his primary calendar
  • Access to Google Wave which is where he collaborates on projects
  • Google Reader
  • Google docs and all his documents

In other words just because a single company perceived something was wrong they made a person not exist, because that is what happens when you suddenly find yourself alone – not existing in your once familiar digital world.

Now we have Facebook looking to insinuate itself to a degree only seen before with Google. It was one thing when Robert Scoble found his Facebook account suspended – it was early days of Facebook – and really it was only the fact that Robert was who he was that he got his account back.

However as Facebook increasingly becomes our online identity handler, our way to communicate, our way to be social <gag> what happens when they decide that some perceived wrong and suspends your account.

The idea that a single company has that much control over your digital existence should be enough to scare anyone. Throw in the fact that Facebook is well known for its arbitrary suspending or deleting of accounts  and if their march for dominance on the Web doesn’t worry you … well .. here’s some more kool-aid for you.

I wouldn’t want to be Chris Brogan

If there is one person who has become synonymous with the whole Social Media movement it would have to be Chris Brogan. It doesn’t matter what conference you go to or which social media related blog you read at some point the name Chris Brogan will come up.

Sure he has his detractors as does just about any high profile blogger does (just ask Robert Scoble) but in my mind nobody better typifies what Social Media marketing and being a leader is all about. I don’t always agree with him and there are times that I shudder and some of the things he says but I would never want to be without his blog feed in my feed reader.

I have often wondered how it is that he manages to pull off everything he does. From his Twitter account to his blog and all the while maintaining a marketing company; that is geared to helping companies navigate this new Social Media world, the man is constantly on the go. He sometimes makes the Energizer Bunny look downright anemic.

However, we found out today that even the legendary Brogan stamina has its limits.