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From the Pipeline – 8.17.08

So a new record for the number of gold medals won by one person has now been set – *YAWN* but in the meantime I have managed to find some interesting stuff on today’s FriendFeed pipeline for your viewing and reading pleasure.

What Is the Future of Suburbia? A Freakonomics Quorum [nw] :: Freakonomics – with the way our world is heading one has to wonder what really is in store for that old fashion idea of suburbia

Some powerful photos of this world [nw] :: (HM) – powerful isn’t an understatement even though I think there are still a few that are missing from the line up

Man builds a living out of LEGO [nw] :: CNN – it never ceases to amaze me how people can make a living from the most mundane things in our society

Parents Let Kid Drop Out of High School to Focus on Guitar Hero [nw] :: Kotaku – sorry but playing Guitar Hero isn’t worth dropping out of school and this kid’s parents should have had their asses kicked for letting it happen.

New Glasses Protect From Computer Eye Strain [nw] :: The Raw Feed – I gotta get me a couple pair of these pronto

The Fucker Bus [nw] :: Inside Transit – this could be taken on so many levels

Texas school district to let teachers carry guns [nw] :: Reuters – they might be allowing them to carry them but are they allowed to use them is another question

10 Futuristic User Interfaces [nw] :: Smashing Magazine – while many of these ideas will probably never see the light of day they are still interesting to look at.