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Please get that Branding iron off my ass




If you are involved to any degree in the tech blogosphere and especially Social Media that is a word you hear a lot. It’s all about securing your brand, promoting your brand, protecting your brand and we all seem to be sucking it up as it is the greatest idea to come along.

Except it’s not.

I’ve written about this whole branding thing before in the past even to the point of how I fell for the same buzzword bullshit. Then in the past week Doc Searls, one of the people in this industry I respect the most, had a go at this whole idea and really how it is all a load of crap. As he said in Brands are boring:

Excuse me but do I look like a Pepsi or a General Electric?

maytag For some reason I am forever getting myself caught up in all the buzzwords out there and then having to spend time extricating myself from the knots they have tied me in once I realize how stupid they are.

Case in point: the whole nonsense about professional bloggers needing to look upon themselves as some sort of brand that will make them easily identifiable to the world at large. It is the subject and buzzword that is forever re-emerging whenever we seem to have nothing else to talk about.

Of course the idea is pretty simple. Make your name the most identifiable thing about you. In effect you become some sort of verbal Pepsi, or Maytag, or General Electric so that the moment you open your moth or publish a post people will identify the words, verbal or otherwise, with you.

From there we are suppose to build some sort of tribe around those words and thoughts so that they can become your evangelists.

Is talk about brands leaving us with nothing but a YAWN?

personal branding

Social Media. Brands. Transparency. Openness.

They are all the newish marketing buzzwords we love to drop into our posts, Twitter messages, and conference keynotes. A day doesn’t go by when you don’t read somewhere about how important having a Brand is. Every professional blogger has it tattooed on their forehead because we are told – by other social media gurus – that this is crucial to our success.

[WinExtra Rebranding] The Name game isn’t a game

40000 Baby Names1 This is the first in what will be an on-going series of posts about my experiences of rebranding WinExtra and my online identity into something more, and hopefully better, than what is was. You can read about the reasoning behind this decision here rather than me recapping it every post.

In this post I’m going to talk about the whole name thing when it comes to your blog and what will become your online identity’s face to the world. The majority of the time when it comes to picking a name for our blogs we go with a spur of the moment idea and grab the domain name to match it. If the domain name isn’t available the idea is tossed into the recycle bin.

The problem here is that the spur of the moment name choice is just that – spur of the moment. Heck we probably spend more time picking out names for our gadgets or our private body parts than we do for our online identity. We do it without thinking about the future and how we, and our identity, might grow and change over the years. This to a certain extent was what happened when I picked WinExtra.