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Braindead TechCast EP16: The failure of ridiculous Social Media metrics

Tonight’s show starts out with me having a little bit of a bitch session about hard plastic cables and how much of a pain they are but it isn’t long before Sean and I jump into the meat of the show starting with a discussion over the news that Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software blogging fame is quitting blogging.

It appears that he feels that blogging – especially to do it right -is turning out to be a major time suck that is affecting his business. Given the fact that Joel is a forerunner of the whole blogging thing it is hard to see him decide to retire; but have been a reader of his on and off for years I wonder how long it will be before he makes a come-back.

Next up is a quick side-step to talk about the stupidity of Viacom in pulling The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from Hulu.

We finally end up the show talking about this whole CrunchGate fiasco and the video posted today by Loren Feldman which in its own way – in our opinion – was also a bad move by Loren. This leads us into a discussion about Social Media and the metrics used.

Posts referred to in the show

Let’s Take This Offline –
A Fond Farewell – Hulu Blog
A confession: I was the one who came forward about the Macbook Air – Sam Odio
Crunchgate – The Blame Game – 1938Media

Enjoy the show

EP16: The failure of ridiculous Social Media metrics

Braindead TechCast EP15: Silly people suggesting Windows Phone 7 is another Vista – get a grip

Sean and I kind of go all over the map in tonight’s show were we start off talking about the fact that PlayStation owners were told to not even turn on their machines until the folks in charge of the PlayStation network figured out why the network went down in the first and then fix it. So in effect you had a $300 to $400 paperweight – a pretty looking paperweight but a paperweight all the same.

The one story that got us both going was the people yammering on about how bad Microsoft was for not letting older smartphones be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series once it gets released. One even called it another Vista moment for the company. Here’s a hint – it’s not. In fact this might be the smartest move Microsoft could have made.

Finally we shake our heads at the news that our friend Art Lindsey III was denied a press pass for the SXSWi conference coming up in Austin in pretty short order. A tech blogger for a major tech blog gets turned down while the editor he was going with to help cover the event had no problem. Personally I think some serious questions as to why should be asked of the people in charge at SXSW because this is wrong.

Posts referred to in tonight’s show.

PlayStation Network Service Restored – PlayStation Blog
Windows Phone 7 Series Won’t Work on Existing Devices? – SiliconANGLE
Why is Austin More “Exclusive” than Washington DC? – SiliconANGLE

Enjoy the show

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Braindead TechCast EP 14: A Techmeme Friday first – MG Siegler missing in action

Yes folks it is Friday and not only does it mean that the weekend is here it means that is is also time for Techmeme Friday. This is the day of the week where Sean and I peruse the hot tech headlines on Techmeme and have some fun with them.

Some of the headlines that we picked on this week are:

Apple Stacks The Deck Against Amazon’s Kindle App (AAPL, AMZN) – The Wire (hint – we didn’t care)
iTunes Prize Winner to Steve Jobs: “Yeah Right, Who Is This Really?” – Rolling Stone
How Digg Found a Way to Make Money – GigaOM
Finally: Facebook Silences App Notification Spam – ReadWriteWeb
Apple predicted to introduce lower cost iPhone models in June – AppleInsider
EU orders Google to ditch Street View images after 6 months – Computerworld

Amazingly our most favorite blogger didn’t make it to this Friday’s Techmeme list – oh well there is always next week.

Enjoy the show.

EP 14: A Techmeme Friday first – MG Siegler missing in action

Braindead TechCast EP13: From Facebook to Vejazzling it’s been a day of wrong

It’s Hump Day folks and with that we find ourselves dealing with a whole bunch of wrong.

It starts out with a news flash from outside of the tech field but we just couldn’t pass up talking about it. Yes folks you do can now have glittering crystals a-fixed to your groin area in the newest fashion statement to hit the streets. It is only just starting but if you hurry you can get in on Vejazzling and be ahead of the curve.

Carrying through on this theme of fail we bring you the news; and the PR recovery, of CitiBank freezing the business account of social networking start-up Fabulis. Apparently it had to do with some objectionable material on the start-up’s blog. It is important to note for those that may not heard of Fabulis yet it is the start-up behind the social networking site geared to gays. Now Citi has come out and apologized says that the three people involved in the original action have been reprimanded and the account unfrozen.

We leave off with a discussion concerning the news that Facebook has managed to secure itself a patent on ‘news feed’ which left both Sean and I shaking our heads in amazement.

Post referred to in the show:

UPDATED: Did Citibank Block a Startup for Gay Content? – GigaOM
Facebook gets a patent on ‘news feeds’ – are you frikken kidding me – The Inquisitr
Facebook Patents The News Feed (Updated) – All Facebook

Enjoy the show

EP13: From Facebook to Vejazzling it’s been a day of wrong