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Michael meet Cringely … Cringely meet Michael

Don't tell anyone but Microsoft really understands Over at the Hugh has a quote from Michael Gartenberg; Microsoft’s shiny new Evangelist, where he says he believes that Microsoft is the only company to enable seamless transitions in our digital lives:

I firmly believe that Microsoft is the only company that will enable the seamless transition for users to move in and out of the different aspects of their lives. In short, no one else comes close to presenting a complete, unified and integrated view of the digital home of the 21st century.

In other news Cringely has a post today that examines the possibilities that might be in the future of AppleTV + a 40gig hard drive included as part of the package:

Here is what I think is happening with the Apple TV hard drive. I think sometime this summer Apple will ship a firmware upgrade for the Apple TV and it will suddenly gain an important new capability. That’s when the Apple TV becomes a node on the iTunes peer-to-peer video network.

Hmmm .. Michael in a haze of Kool-Aid says Microsoft is the only one who understand the messing of our digital lives.

Hmmm .. Cringely dissecting the inclusion of a hard drive with AppleTV and suggesting the potential of replacing cable TV.

Michael meet Cringely … Cringely meet Michael

Show me the Applesauce….

CES may be pimping out the news but today it is all overshadowed by His Jobness over at Macworld 2007 and from what I have read it is another day of incredibly hyped i<insert item> goodness flowing forth to the masses. The most anticipated item to be sent down from the mount has to be the <gasp>iPhone</gasp> all wrapped up on a totally touchscreen interface powered by OS X.

Engadget of course has the blow by blow of the day’s events being updated realtime as uttered from the mouth of The Jobness hisself; but you’ll have to give that mouse scrollwheel a workout if you want to see the iPhone in all its lushness. So to make your busy life a little easier Google Blogoscope has a shorter story that leads with a picture of the incredible technology called iPhone.

I only have one question – WTF is wrong with having a cell phone that is gawd forbid a phone. You know .. one of those things you hit the numbers on and you know let’s you talk to some-one on the other end? Since when do we need to stuff an over priced operating system into 3x6x1.5 piece of plexiglass covered shell of plastic. I just want a phone and not one that is smarter than I am thank you very much.

I’m not even going to touch the thought of an AppleTV especially if Robert is right and it only does 720p HD. I’ll leave the flaming up to the MacBoys to do which given the comments showing up all over the place it would appear the BBQ has already started.