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Off the Cuff: Quicktime blame tag, Stickam Porn and stuff

Bad Quicktime .. bad Even though Apple points the finger at Nvidia the fact is that if you are running Vista with SATA drives and a RAID setup Quicktime from Apple is not going to be your best friend. In fact you might end up having to rebuild everything after installing and trying to run Quicktime. Apparently the newest version of the software (7.1.5 and 7.1.6) is a known bug to Apple but they insist the problem lies at the feet of Nvidia which as Long Zheng points out is bullshit because VLC has now problems playing the same files; and as a VLC user myself I can attest to that as well. not a smart move Apple to leave this unfixed. [via and I thieved his graphic as well – hope you don’t mind Long]

Not such a good ideaThe New York Times is reporting that the favorite webcam streaming service run by Stickam is apparently owned by a company that is also famous for another type of video streaming but not the type that could be consider family safe. Advanced Video communications which is owned by DTI Services that is owned by a Japanese businessman Wataru Takahashi is well known for the live sex shows available over the web. Sure there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of porn among adults but as TechCrunch points out there is a bit of a moral and ethical question raised when that same company also services a large user base many of whom are under 18. Would hate to see what would happen if wires ever got crossed in this case. [via TechCrunch ]

Oh that bill is going to be so much fun to get I really didn’t want to do another post about the newest pimple on the ass of the Internet but the idea of not passing along this breakdown of the horrors awaiting all you iPhone lovers was just to hard to resist. Apparently Doug Ross has taken some time and passed the iPhone’s terms of service under the microscope and the results further prove that there are going to be a lot of shocks coming the way of iPhone users. Like I am sure you’ll all appreciate being double billed, just as both you and the person you are calling are going to just love being charged for that call or how about the fact that you’ll be billed even if the call doesn’t go through. Ahyup … you enjoy that new toy – I’m just glad I won’t be getting that wonderful billing for the next two years. [via Doug Ross @ Journal]

Steve Jobs would make P.T. Barnum proud

iPhone coolness -- not to mention a nice profit For years and years people have moaned and bitched about the prices Microsoft charges for its products and yet here comes His Job’ness walking across the water like the second coming of Moses with an iPod and iPhone as the stone tablets of the 21st Century; and a smirk from knowing the old adage by P.T. Barnum is still true today.

I’m not saying that the iPhone won’t force a much needed change upon the mobile market; much as the iPod did for music, but the fact that people are willing to pay such an inflated price for the privilege to salivate over the newest Apple coolness only goes to show that Jobs knows how to play the hype like a master violinist.

After all what else would cause people to stand in line for hours upon hours; in some cases days, for the privilege of forking over what for some people is a month’s rent just to hold a chunk of electronics in their hand. Then there is the pleasure of using it on an outdated network once you have locked your soul into a 2 year contract with AT&T.

Sure I realize that in the orgasmic heat of the moment no-one really cares about the profit margin Apple would make from this rush to the alter of coolness but folks that iPhone you are cradling  like it was a gift bestowed upon you by above only cost from $200.00 to $268.00. This is according to reports in both posts by TechCrunch and CrunchGear as they quote different sources for the information.

So even using a rough average of $300.00 profit per phone; depending on the number of gig, and a projected sale of 4.5 million iPhones in the next year it would appear that Jobs and Co. will enjoy about $1,350,000,000.00 of coolness.

Hang on I think I hear P.T. laughing his ass off.

Off the Cuff: iBricks, MS pushpins & stuff

Get your iBrick here Well today was the big day for geekdom; not to mention bottled water sales, as the iPhone finally hit – and left – the shelves as Apple stores across the US.  Now not being a hardcore geek type; nor a US citizen, I find this whole thing about lining up for a chunk of plastic that chances are you’re not going to be able to use right away just a tad on the silly side. Or in the words of Steve Rubel on Twitter:

steverubel said
So to recap today’s events: 10 hours on line, $600 and an iBrick. Priceless.
at 11:02:08 PM

pushpin Advertising campaigns can be a lot of fun especially when they creative in the process. It appears that Microsoft is out there with a new publicity stunt to promote a new feature to be found on Microsoft Live Search Maps.

I don’t know about you but I know I sure would have a good laugh if I was walking down the street and saw a big pushpin coming out of the side of a building. :) [via Raw Feed … plus the graphic is ‘borrowed’ from there .. hope you don’t mind Mike]

Prince Okay so shoot me .. I like Prince (the musician not the dog :) ) but I like him even more that he is pissin’ off the music retailers because he plans on giving away his latest album. As being reported in The Guardian Prince will be giving away a CD with each of the national Sunday newspaper.

I have to agree with Mike from TechDirt that this is a very smart business move both on Prince’s side and the newspaper’s. They both benefit immensely from the publicity of the give-away. The only one’s upset about this is the music retailers who can’t admit that their current business model is becoming increasingly obsolete. [via TechDirt]

It doesn’t matter if the iPhone sucks

iPhone_Jobs The iPhone frenzy continues unabated with all its associated silliness peaking constantly as Friday approaches – even Scoble has gotten in on the kool-aid drinking extravaganza. Just about everywhere you turn something is being written about it in  the tech b’sphere to the point that some folks are crying uncle. Debates are going on about how the iPhone will forever change the mobile space and whether or not it will live up to all the hype.

It doesn’t matter that it runs on a slow as molasses network, it doesn’t matter that  you can’t get it without signing a two year locked down contract with AT&T, it doesn’t matter that the iPhone could cost you close to $6,000.00 over that two years. What does matter is that it is an Apple product that has the whole iPod culture behind it. A culture of “only Apple knows how to bring cool designs to market“, a culture of Mac coolness and then on top of that it has His Job’ness.

The iPhone will be a financial success even if in the days following the release of the product the natives get restless. The road of success forward has already been paved and nothing will derail this gravy train for Apple. Sure the hype leading up to Friday is getting nauseating and folks might be wishing that Friday will come and go so we can get this abject drooling under control.

Well I hate to tell you folks this is only the beginning of the iPhone’ing of the tech world. Come Monday; or even late Friday, the real iPhone hype will start rolling across the b’sphere like an unstoppable train. It won’t matter if some of it is negative or some is positive. As of Friday the iPhone will change the b’sphere for good and it won’t matter if it sucks – the Master of Hype will have succeeded in making Apple the one to beat. Not to mention making him just a little richer in the process.