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Braindead TechCast EP 103 Where no movie analogies where butchered to make the show

What a weird week when it comes to tech news especially with everyone still obsessing about Apple and its little problem with the iPhone 4. Sure there might have been other news somewhere in the tech world but if it didn’t involve a movie analogy or apple then it just didn’t matter.

But never fear, your ever faithful host haven’t let you down yet and tonight will be no different.

Posts referred to in the show.

Enjoy the show

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Affiliate marketing can be a minefield of bad choices

There are a lot of bloggers out there that use their blogs to generate an income for themselves whether it be Google AdSense to one of the myriad of affiliate programs.

I have tried a number of the different ad platforms across my various blogs but in the end I seem to fall back on AdSense even though my payouts are dismal – which should say something about the alternatives for small bloggers.

For the past little while Chris Brogan has been writing about affiliate marketing as a way to increase your share of the money pie. Now I have a great respect for Chris but I wanted to offer up the flip side of his well thought out suggestions when it comes to affiliate marketing. Personally I think the whole thing sucks major monkey balls when it comes to small independent bloggers but I am also realistic enough to know that we are also partly to blame.

What really sucks

Have you really looked at the options that are available to the majority of bloggers when it comes to affiliate marketplaces? I have and they are disappointing to say the least especially if you are a blogger with any sort of ethics and looking to bring actual value to your readers.

You just gotta love AdSense targeted advertising

I just got an email from a reader because he thought I would really appreciate the humor of this.

Earlier today I wrote a post titled Don’t hate the regurgitation which had an image in the last section of a dog cleaning up his own mess.

When Todd read the post in Google Reader (I am assuming here) there was an ad at the end of the post t hat when taken in conjunction of the image is enough to make you laugh.

Thanks Todd for the best laugh I’ve had today. Gawd you gotta love targeted advertising.


Shades of Beacon – Facebook on dangerous ground

I just saw this come through from the team over at The Next Web. It appears that Facebook might have figured out it’s next avenue to increase their advertising revenue.

Your web history.

Alex Wilhelm puts it this way:

Facebook wants to improve their advertising targeting, but needs more information to do so. Where will this new information come from? Your web history.


This week, at Facebook’s F8 developer event, Facebook is expected to roll out a new advertising system and series of social buttons. These buttons will mimic Twitter and Digg buttons that are ubiquitous online.

Users can click the Facebook button while off-Facebook, signaling the giant with new information about their preferences that will then be fed into algorithms for advanced, and dead-on, advert targeting. More and better information will allow Facebook to boost its CPM and CPC rates significantly.

Regardless of whether Alex thinks that this could be done well I’m more inclined to go with his point that this could land Facebook in court if not done right

From what we understand, Facebook will note when a user makes an action on a third-party website, and use that information. That makes the collection of data very active, not passive. If instead Facebook sets up the buttons to note any logged in Facebook user, and save that data hit without alerting them, we are going to see class-action lawsuits.

If history is any indicator I wouldn’t trust Facebook further than I can spit in a headwind and wouldn’t be surprised if they go with the second option and risk the lawsuits.

Well Facebook I have just gotten one step closer to deleting my account.

Anyone else?