Some folks I would like to see do e-books

Online library concept At some point it seems just about every blogger toys with the idea of putting together an e-book, either to give-a-way or to make a few bucks on (oh shush – nothing wrong with that). Some even go on to actually get some nice book publishing deals out of their work.

I know I’ve tossed the idea around but I haven’t really committed to the idea. However I know there are quite a couple folks who I read faithfully that I would be more than willing to cough up some bucks to be able to have an e-book written by them, and not all are in the social media field either.

This is my short-list of authors I think would be great to have an e-book by:

Alexander van Elsas: in my opinion Alexander is one of those rare bloggers in the social media field who constantly comes at things from “the user” point of view rather than the marketer or guru point of view. While his blogging style is more along the lines of ‘long posts’ they are typically rock solid and will definitely make you think.

For me I would love to see him expand on many of his thoughts and ideas with it comes to “the user” and social media as well as some of his best posts.

Alan Patrick – Broadstuff: Alan is a hellva insightful person and I have his feed tucked away in my Always Read First folder in FeedDemon. One of the reasons I like his writing so much is that he is more than willing to take shots at the tech/social media bloggerati and do it with style, intelligence, and killer points.

Brett Nordquist: Brett doesn’t write about technology (with the odd exception) instead he is someone who works in technology but writes about his family life. I first came across his blog a few years ago and since that time he has always had a special place in my feed reader. He has an incredible ability to pull you into a two or three paragraph story about something that happened that day with him and his family. by the time you have reached the end of his post you can’t help but feel a little better.

I would love to see a best of type e-book and like the others be more than willing to pay money for it.

Thomas Hawk: I would love nothing better than a e-book full of his best photographs to be able to look at anytime I wanted. Well okay maybe a coffee table full color book would be nice to.

Robert Scoble: This is about the only “A-List” blogger that I would like to see an e-book from. Robert has been around the business a long time and while he has caused more than his fair share of waves I think it would be interesting to see what he would select as his best of posts as well as update/ expand them.

Yes I know he has written a book but that isn’t on my list of books to by and read.

Paul O’Flaherty: Paul’s writings are definitely not for everyone but I like his caustic wit and honesty. It would be interesting to see what he could put together for and e-book. I know I’d be among the first to grab a copy.

SuzeMuse: I came across Sue during the early days of Twitter and have been a fan ever since. More often than not she writes stuff that gets me thinking and sparks ideas of m y own to follow. She also has a great sense of humor and honesty about her that makes for enjoyable reading.

So that’s the short list folks and while there are others (Louis Gray, Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins, Suburban Oblivion) I only have so many hours in a day and money to spend.

How about you?

Who would you like to see write an e-book and why?


  1. 13/09/09 at 20:16

    “Caustic wit and honesty” – why thank you :)

    Not sure what I would ever write an e-book about, besides perhaps “the misunderstood and unappreciated art of sarcasm”, or maybe “the idiots guide to having your own opinion” but I will actually put some thought into it. You never know what the few remaining bits of gray matter may spew forth.

    Anyway, thanks for adding me to your list Steven, and while we're at it, what would you pen an e-book about?

  2. 13/09/09 at 21:03

    my tentative title was “My Crazy Bang The Head Against The Keyboard Journey Through Social Media” so take it from there what it would be about :)

  3. 14/09/09 at 1:39

    An e-Book. I'll think about it. But I think most people don't even get past my long posts anymore. Either I suck at writing, or people just want 140char meaning ;-)