Saturday Afternoon Browser Roundup [12.30.06]

In a week that was more pre-occupied with potential vista security flaws and some minor jealousy over who got laptops from MS, AMD and Acer there sure wasn’t much going on in the browser world.

Optimized Firefox for G5 and Intel MacsBeatnikPad

I had a bit of time between jousting with other frantic last-minute Christmas shoppers and relaxing with my family to build some optimized versions of the recent Firefox maintenance release, nee version

What’s new?

The release notes on what’s new shows that this release is mainly bug fixes and security updates. If you want all of the gory details you can pop on over to the Mozilla site.

Update: Hey, it looks like this version fixes the “I hit command-w with only one tab open and the window won’t close” bug that 2.0 shipped with. Hooray! Oh, and it also looks like people just can’t be bothered to actually read this entire entry before commenting. Ah well.

Firefox: The best browser of allPC World

The people who live and breathe the Internet will all tell you the same thing: Firefox is the best Web browser for Windows and the Mac. Even after Microsoft played catch-up patty-cake with the release of IE7 earlier this year, Windows users who truly know the Web are continuing to choose Firefox.

The funny part is that it’s not about features for Firefox users, it’s about compatibility, customizability and convenience. In many ways, IE6 gave Firefox more competition because it was the de facto standard. That’s no longer the case with Internet Explorer 7. Many enterprise users are finding that IE7 breaks this or that required Web site or Web-based enterprise application. A standard that’s no longer standard is, to many, a lot less valuable.