Louis Gray saves the blogosphere from disclosure hell

crying For those of you in the blogosphere who have been hiding under a rock the time has come to start getting all your disclosures ready for all those millions of times when you sell you soul – or at least write a post or two – for crap goodies sent to you by companies.

The only problem is that we have to write so many of them and for all different types of incredibly useful goods that it’s hard to keep track of which disclosure to use for which ass-kissing sucking up useful post.

Well thank goodness for Louis Gray (and @neenerbot) and probably his greatest contribution to bloggers around the world – well at least the United States for now. You see Louis has come up with a great set of covering all the bases iconified disclosures that we can use to cover our asses. So without further ado here’s your free to use disclosure icons.

Review books? Then this is for you.

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Got fed a free meal?

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Got a bunch of schwag hiding in the closet?

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Got an envelope stuffed with cash after a back alley meeting?

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Scored some uber geeky toys?

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Added some paper to your stock portfolio?

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Scored some booty calls?

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Was the other bird in your life something other than the Twitter Bluebird of Yakking?

Download: (500 px | 250 px | 150 px)


Now not to be outdone my good friend Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins join in the effort with a collection of his own (of which the top pic is one) which you can see over on SiliconANGLE.

Enjoy folks.

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