If you are using a ghostwriter on Twitter you don’t have a clue about social media

An interesting story showed up over at All Twitter about how a ghostwriter for a so-called social media and Internet marketing professional had been fired and then proceeded to out the “expert” on the self-same Twitter account after finding out that the password hadn’t been changed.

The “expert” in question is Mark Davidson who apparently has not one but three, or rather now two since the firing, ghostwriters for his Twitter account. Now with a bit of a disclaimer I have been following Mark Davidson on Twitter, and now Google+, for a long time but never clicked on the fact that it was ghostwriters populating his stream.

I don’t care so much that Mark got outed but rather the fact that the idea of using ghostwriters to populate your Twitter timeline with so-called social media gems of wisdom shows exactly how social media has become a joke.

Look, I don’t care if you are Lady Gaga, the President of the United States, or some dweeb who thinks they are the next greatest thing to hit social media, the fact that you think that using ghostwriters are acceptable shows that you don’t have a clue.

What it does show is that you have no problem lying to people and that everything you have to say is questionable. The very fact that you have no qualms in fooling people about who is actually should mark you as a snake oil salesman and splashes those people who do believe in social media with a great big black X; sort of the modern day Scarlett Letter.

They make a joke of a medium that is already suffering from an overload of self-proclaimed gurus and should be publicly pilloried – without mercy.

Contrary to the well known Chris Brogan post if you are using ghostwriters you are doing it wrong.

And you are an idiot.

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  1. Leigh
    22/09/11 at 16:51

    Or at the very least tells us we need to think for ourselves a bit more.