Google+ moron moment – no it won’t replace your blog

It never, ever, fails.

No sooner than some new social media slash social network slash circle jerk comes along and it is being proclaimed as the big, awesome, incredible, replacement for your blog.

Uhm, No.

I realize we are all pretty well lazy and always looking for easier ways to do things; and of course maintaining a blog with intelligent thought out discussions is such a horrendous chore than anything that makes expressing ourselves in a coherent manner easier is of course, the next great thing.

The fact is that things like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, and now Google+ are really cool services and for the vast majority of people they are indeed the perfect outlet for limited forms of creativity and make sharing things drop dead simple.

None of them however is a replacement for blogs no matter how much the social media digerati might want you to believe otherwise.

Sure they’re fine in most cases for short form quickie thoughts that you really don’t care if they live past the next page refresh but they do nothing to provide any in depth way for you to build a reputation around your identity. What you are doing though is providing these companies with a constant flow of your information which they then turn around and make money off of – not you making the money from your reputation but them.

I have no problem with these services doing that, up to a point, but they should never be the primary way that people can find out about you especially if you plan on, or currently make you living within the digital world.

Google+ is still in the very early days but already you have people say that Google’s new social media service is where we should be moving all our blogs. Give your head a shake, really.

More so than any of the other services out there Google makes incredible amounts of money from your actions and flow of information so why in the world would you be willing to hand even more control of your identity and reputation to Google by giving up the time and effort that has gone into building your own central point of contact and handing it all over to Google.

We heard the same stupid idea as Facebook grew with all the big bloggers talking about how the only way you could reach them would be through Facebook. That of course didn’t last for long just as the idea of using Posterous and Tumblr as our main points of contact never lasts for long as bloggers at some point head back to their own blogs.

Google+ is going to be a very interesting service as it grows and chances are at some point they will have some way for our blogs to becomes closely associated with our Google+ IDs but I’m sorry the idea that you can replace your blog with Google+ is dumb.


  1. 09/07/11 at 17:14

    I agree and have been saying the similar for quite a while. I see people stop blogging and put all their efforts into Friendfeed, Facebook, Twitter and now G+. Of course all of these services are owned by large companies with revenue projections to meet or share holders to keep happy. That means you may have trouble moving your content to another service. In many instances you may not even OWN your content! Blogging will stick around for those of us who demand the content is our own to control and own.

  2. Rene
    12/07/11 at 0:14

    Can’t the same be said for email though?

    People typically rely on Google for something as fundamental as email. Why is outsourcing blog duties to Google+ so much worse?